It is time Conservatives abandon the GOP as the GOP has abandoned us!

The active effort to replace this party with a Constitutional Conservative party began when all our energy and efforts to restore our great republic through this party had come down to a single word of realization – BETRAYAL. We must cut ties to a party that is destroying us at the pace of an elephant migration towards progressivism. She is following the jackasses over the same cliff at a slower pace.

“Voting for the same party over and over, expecting a different result, is the very definition of insane!”

The GOP has a rich history we must never forget and always retain that history. But let’s be honest, the heart and soul which created her history is deal. Ask yourself; would today’s GOP start a civil war for “all men created equal” as she did in 1861? The answer in not just no, but, hell no! They have lost their identity, their way, their virtue and all efforts to save her is lost. The time to sever ties is now. Moving to a new party with fidelity to our founding, centrally her Constitution, not a mascot; this is how we restore and preserve those values which freed a whole culture of people. If a party system is our will then we must have a party which represent that will.

If Conservatives joined the Constitution Party, we could make it a viable national party, drive a wedge between this political oligarchy (#BinaryGarchy), and begin restoring our heritage of Constitutional Conservatism. Our fidelity, our loyalty, it is in the party’s name, not the party politics of a “big tent” circus. There is no mistaking intent with the Constitution Party. There is no room for factions. It is the Constitution or bust!

  • 2010 - 2012 | One-Hundred Percent failure!

    After granting the GOP power, two elections cycles, with a blatant demand to stop Obama, they pass budgets to empower the tyrant.

  • 2014 | One-Hundred Percent failure!

    We grant more seats of power to the GOP, sending a louder message to stop Obama, and they continue to betray!

  • 2016 - 2017 | Ninety-Percent Failure in Eighty-Days!

    Unprecedented! Another massive election granting the GOP all of it; the whole enchilada. What do we get? An amazing betrayal!

    By my count, we have made approximately 1% progress and with very little thanks to Trump! His epic 100 day fail beginning with no reversal of DACA, his betrayal of repeal, his about face of a self-proclaimed Conservatism even attacking Conservatives. Then, we find out, what little de-regulation gains made at the EPA etc., about $500 million, are completely destroyed in epic hypocrisy! Trump’s golf trips to FL have cost the tax payer more than $600 million and counting.

    But the biggest “art of the hypocrite”, 54 children gassed and he’s triggered to launch missiles as if we just had another 9/11 attack? Sorry, not aligning with political reality! Where is the rhetoric matching the action? I have one simple question for Mr. Moral Authority; where is the cruise missile legislation to end the 54 MILLION American babies slaughtered by abortions!? You don’t need a SC justice for this. You can make your own proposal to congress to short circuit Roe v Wade! In fact, without a justice, it would be harder for them to circumvent you and your congresses bill.

    This all stinks to high heaven and looks like cover for failure! This dial has been reset Mr. President! You are quickly becoming a joke and at break-neck speed, you are about to relegate yourself a lame duck in under 100 days!



This petition form is your acknowledgement and message to Replace The GOP. Write your message with respect, be direct, honest and responsible. It will be read by the GOP. It is our message putting the party on notice, we are fed-up and the time to part ways has come.

The talk of fixing this party is long over. Against our demands, against all our efforts this last decade, they did nothing to stop Obama, they funded his agenda, ignored our will and doubled down on betrayal!


Begin your journey of restoring our great republic. The need for a 3rd party has never been greater, we must drive a wedge into the political oligarchy. This starts with you abandoning the GOP as they have abandoned you.

George Washington’s prophetic knowledge warned us;
“The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism.