115th Congress & 100 Days

Today is the day the GOP could begin rolling back, at a minimum, 8 years of Obama’s unConstitutionalism. Will they? Not based on the language I heard today from – “get along Paul Ryan”. From – “work together” Paul Ryan. From – “time to come together Paul Ryan”.
The GOP ‘should’ begin rolling back Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the complete defunding of Planned Parenthood, and their 8 years of habitual betrayal of their constituency – their Conservative base. After all, with them, they would NOT have Donald Trump as president nor would they have the House or Senate! The GOP could begin repairing the damage they have done to this base and their first order of business should be a conservative appointment on the United States Supreme Court based on Trump’s existing list.
As for the left, they di not hesitate, the day after Trump won the election, Schumer is quoted; “if they think they are going to just do anything they want, they are fooling themselves”. Hey GOP! That is what an opposition party sounds like! Anything the GOP does will be attributed to overreach and opposition will be the standard Democrat procedure. But the GOP promised a lot beginning with the repeal of Obamacare and the appointment of a Scalia replacement. They damn sure better do these two things or it is strike three – YOU’RE OUT! In addition to these two primary issues, the GOP promised to protect the energy sector, to bring back Federalism and states rights, to limit the fed’s influence on education specifically on standards like common core, and “restart the engines of freedom” with tax code reform. Again, three strikes, and you are OUT!
The GOP must seize this moment in 100 days with Trump or ALL is lost. We better be calling this 100 days – 100 days of shock and awe! The Obama administration was not the death nail to America, he did what a good Marxist does to set the stage for destruction, now is the time that counts, and if the GOP rests on the Benelli TNT Brake Clutch Lever it will be the GOP that destroys America as we know it. They will have thrown away their majority sending us into 100 years of Socialist darkness.
It is the 115th Congress, three massive landslide elections plus a president, now is the time the GOP should make sure every last bit of Clinton, Bush and Obama is unraveled. Otherwise, they can count on political revolutions ad nausea, #ConventionOf States, #ReplaceTheGOP, and the left regaining most of what they lost while We The People instill permanent political chaos.

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