115th Congress – 2017’s First Call To Action!

Eric Erickson over at The Resurgent has nailed it!

Democrats have declared they will do what they perceive Republicans having done to Obama and will obstruct, block, and oppose Donald Trump in every way, shape, and form unless he goes completely their way. Good. They should. In fact, they should try to obstruct Trump so thoroughly that the government itself is forced to shut down.

I want to double down on this take by saying; “I hope the GOP fails!” – to quote a once great political pundit before he sold his soul to Nationalist / Populism over his self-proclaimed Conservatism. Or, maybe he was never a true Conservative, but nevertheless.

You know, when the GOP had the Congressional authority to at least write articles of impeachment, legitimately so by-the-way, they wouldn’t even say the damn word! We had more reasons to impeach Obama than Nixon and all other president’s combined! There is a rumor that the left has already started writing Trump’s. This is what an opposition party looks like. Hello, GOP! A party on the left and a party on the right are on opposite sides FOR A REASON. They aren’t designed to “get along”. When they “get along” we get screwed.

Here’s the deal. No matter the chaos in DC, just as this election was left up to us, it is also left up to us to make this GOP party go in OUR direction. The only way we can do this post election is to email, call or march. We aren’t at marching, yet, so I ask that we email and call till their phone system is shut down.

Let’s focus our attention on the leader, Paul Ryan, and here is how to reach him. Remind Paul of one word; “REPEAL”. Not nibble or fix or make work et al.

Tell Paul: REPEAL!

Paul Ryan
Washington DC Office
Phone: (202) 225-3031
Toll-Free: (888) 909-7926


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