Two Types of Patriots

From a recent personal experience where patriotism became a question and after watching one of the best Super Bowls in a very long time, I had an epiphany. Super Bowl LI is a perfect analogy; we need to clarify and recapture the definition of ‘American Patriotism’ just as the Patriots reclaimed their Super Bowl from a near devastating loss. I made the mistake to elude a person I was debating wasn’t patriotic. Then it dawned on me we have two kinds of patriot and the lesson I learned thankfully without losing a friendship.

I think this year’s super bowl highlights one very important fact – there is experience and there is adolescence. The quintessential narrative of left vs right. NE Patriots example our founders by sticking to traditions, consistency, education, experience and a faithful relentlessness to those values which create winners. GA Falcons represent the power of youthfulness, energy, desire, hope but a lack of control. Does it not paint the clearest ‘oil’ painting picture of our current war on freedom by the left?

From my recently learned types of American Patriots, if we Conservatives want to win this war on freedom, we better recognize the difference between Conservative Patriotism and the NEO patriot. The NEO patriot is a result of decades of institutionalized indoctrination away from our founding and uses Nationalism in replace of Patriotism. You see this type of Nationalism in the hard-core Trump supporter and in Trump’s policies because he too is left-like; unmoored from the Constitution. This accounts for the blur from the Constitutional Conservative perspective trying to separate alt-right and NEO left. A process requiring the splitting of hairs, a process we begin to lose the argument, so let’s make it easy. Don’t accuse the left of being un-patriotic, just identify them for who they are, a NEO patriot.

NEO patriot and traditional patriot is the divide between today’s left and right. Our situation is this. There are the rooted in basic Christian tradition and faith patriots which founded our nation and then the deniers or NEO patriots. The NEO patriot uses an agnosticism and a redefinition of everything traditional American to change even remake our founding. They exercise and exploit our system using our system like nullification, the courts, even the Constitution when it meets their ends. This contrast has never been more apparent than the recent transition of power. The instant organized protests by the left directed at a man vs the planned and calculated protests by the Tea Party directed at policy.

It is easy to call anything left un-American and spend the time ‘splitting that hair’. What we are missing is, falling into the trap of defining anti-Americanism. It is a tedious task and the very rabbit hole the left expects to draw us into, this is where we lose the argument and get bogged down. This is how we get labeled as a tedious complainer of their irrationalities then dismissed. If we take the example of the left – their messages are simple like a Twitter post, a protest poster board or a hashtag. Because the left plays on a field of fake grass, fake happiness, fake giving, fake caring, hypocrisy, and living a life of suppressed pent-up anger from irrational emotions rooted in fake Americana – they have created a fake Patriotism. But it is a patriotism nevertheless and they do believe it so do not deny them that. Just simply contrast it will actual patriotism and the truth will eventually set them free.

Again, they are patriots – just not a traditional kind of patriot we on the right recognize and one we reject out of academic instinct. I say they are patriots because they serve in our military, government, private sector and all the same areas we do. Don’t treat them like some foreign agent, that is again playing into their narrative. Do as they do, ignore it and focus on truth, facts and keep it simple stupid. Recognize the NEO patriot just lives in an alt-mindset with a different goal than restoring Americana. They want a new Americana laced with old school socialism.

Just as the NE Patriots showed; stick to your guns, defend the truth of tradition and experience thru Christian values but most of all contrast their simplicity with our simplicity. Counter every NEO patriot slogan with a Conservative American slogan. Example yourself as a consistent, educated, experienced and faithfully relentlessness traditional Patriot. Make your statement and leave it at that! You cannot argue your way to a win with a NEO patriot. Treat them like the adolescent mind they have and show the same level of love for our actual patriotism as they do with their fake patriotism but move on because, if you hadn’t noticed the elections, they are losing and losing yuge! Even in an era of Nationalism Trump, they are losing which is amazing.