More Questions on Gorsuch

Let’s just all stop fooling ourselves, Gorsuch is an open book on more opinion’s than not and it will be picks two, three possibly four which will be Trump’s real test of his commitment to overturn Roe. So far, I do NOT trust Gorsuch. No record with abortion leaving us NO CLUE of his stance. When Pence recently admitted, he did NOT ask him his stance on overturning Roe, or any abortion questions at, in an administration with a campaign promise to do just that? HUGE red flags!

Add to that another red flag, yesterday February 8th, when Gorsuch came out and attacked Trump on the “ban” (a.k.a. PAUSE) on immigration. EXCUSE ME!? That is a pin-point insight to the man’s thoughts on the separation of powers – he obviously thinks the “supreme court” is SUPREME; i.e. above Congress.

Hey Gorsuch – Trump is executing that exec order Constitutionally and Trump doesn’t know the damn Constitution!!! So, we beg of you, what the hell are you talking about!!? I think you just disqualified yourself!