Attention GOP!

Bottom of the 9th, bases are loaded, Trump is at bat with 3 balls and two strikes. If the GOP doesn’t hit a homerun they will be replaced.

As of today, Steve Bannon is Chief Strategist and to give some perspective; this is the equivalent to Obama making Van Jones the Strategist Czar rather than an “advisor”. Where is Van Jones in 2009? Exactly… GONE. But for more perspective to just how the tables have turned, Pence in 2009 is quoted saying; “I think Van Jones did the right thing”, as in stepping down. So, my question for Pence today is, where are you with Trump’s Van Jones!?

And this brings me to my main point. Complacency!

Anyone that claims to have known Trump would win is an idiot, a self-diluted liar and the very clown whom everyone should run from because it will be these clowns that will pollute the pool of common sense leading to a lack of action for that time when Trump will need to hear from us in force.

These people have already gone home to do NOTHING. Like the person that drinks too much and suddenly finds God, these people are the very ones that have sustained the GOP thru all their betrayal’s by voting “R” because the fear of the “D” is far greater than reality. They will also be the first to blame everyone else for his failings.

To keep Trump accountable, we must maintain the same level of vigilance we exercised toward Obama.

Let me just give you one more fact to jolt such a reality check I am trying to convey. In the late 1970’s into the early 1980’s, after Reagan beat Carter, did you know there was an Article V – Convention of States initiative underway? Unlike today’s COS with multiple amendment proposals, this COS was focused on a balanced budget amendment requirement. It was overshadowed by a congressional bill to require a balanced budget called the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act in 1985. Between Reagan’s win for president and the GRH Act, these ended the last attempt at an Article V COS. So we lost a chance for permanent change and the congressional bill was later shot down by our favorite supreme court of course.

So giving up is NOT AN OPTION just because Trump has won the presidency!

Since Nov. 9th, after speaking with many activists from the Tea Party to the Convention of States volunteers to fellow parishioners and the average public voting Joe, I am afraid complacency is already setting in. The typical GOP attitude is already taking hold in many of the people that have never been an activist before – not even during eight years of Obama – and thus fundamentally do not understand the gravity of the Tea Party momentum or how we will need it over the next four years.

Trump is still a Nationalist with Progressive tendencies, he has already exposed this fact with Obamacare. He wants to keep some of the “good things”. Some of the good things? If he wants to nibble at major issues, how about he adds that anyone on their parent’s healthcare till 26 can’t vote till they’re 27! He has a new proposal to forgiving student loans only a radical leftist could appreciate and that is a forgiveness plan based on you’re a percentage of your income. So, if you are at home at 26 you probably have no job thus you will get a 100% relief! He still has a plan for a 1.4+ trillion-dollar spending plan! And we all know, based on the last eight years, the GOP loves them some spend’n! How about his typical GOP nibbling of Common Core but NOT abolishing the department of education? Which also brings up the fact that Trump has not ever talked about closing a single department or role down. How about the surgeon general role? What a waste of our money.

My point – Now is NOT the time to stop our fervor to hold the elected people accountable especially the biggest unknown – Trump!

We cannot rely on the “vote R it’s better than a D” Republican, they voted and now think their job is done. It will be the people that never for one minute thought Trump would lose OR win, or Hitlery had it in the bag, it is those of us that knew this inordinate election would be a new battle that we have to adapt to and stay on cue with holding Trump, the GOP and the left accountable. This will only be accomplished via an Article V – Convention of States!

Personally, I thought the chances of it being contested was far more likely, but I also didn’t self-dilute that Trump is now elected and I can stop worrying. Like many, I sighed some relief then woke up the next day and realized Hitlery will get away with EVERYTHING! That is far more devastating to our Constitutional system of laws than anything else especially Hitlery winning.

The runner up to our Lady Justice being dissed is the Trump fans and supporters to go home and fall asleep like the right ALWAYS DOES.

Don’t fall asleep people! We have to stay just as vigilant and just as activated as we were with Obama. Trump is NOT a Conservative, get that thru your head! He also said it himself, he’s not an “insider”, so he will need our help to get much of the good parts of his plan accomplished AND those things we want him to do that’s not on his docket!

This is the last chance the GOP has to save itself. I would love to return to the GOP as a registered voting Republican because they have redeemed themselves. The party of Abe. The party that ended slavery. Gave women the right to vote. Stood up to Communism both within and without. Broke out of the Whig pack and shined like a shiny city on a hill. But I will be DAMNED if I will allow this loyalty of rich history cloud my vision of freedom! I will pack up those bags of richness and move it with me to the Constitution Party. As a last note to the GOP – I have already unregistered from your roles and onto the Constitution Party’s roles. It was the hearts of men that created your rich history, along with blood seat and tears, and it will be those same hearts of men today that will carry on its legacy under a new banner.

Again! We will replace you GOP and we will take our heritage with us!

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