Two Types of Patriots

From a recent personal experience where patriotism became a question and after watching one of the best Super Bowls in a very long time, I had an epiphany. Super Bowl LI is a perfect analogy; we need to clarify and recapture the definition of ‘American Patriotism’ just as the Patriots reclaimed their Super Bowl from a near devastating loss. I made the mistake to elude a person I was debating wasn’t patriotic. Then it dawned on me we have two kinds of patriot and the lesson I learned thankfully without losing a friendship.

I think this year’s super bowl highlights one very important fact – there is experience and there is adolescence. The quintessential narrative of left vs right. NE Patriots example our founders by sticking to traditions, consistency, education, experience and a faithful relentlessness to those values which create winners. GA Falcons represent the power of youthfulness, energy, desire, hope but a lack of control. Does it not paint the clearest ‘oil’ painting picture of our current war on freedom by the left?

From my recently learned types of American Patriots, if we Conservatives want to win this war on freedom, we better recognize the difference between Conservative Patriotism and the NEO patriot. The NEO patriot is a result of decades of institutionalized indoctrination away from our founding and uses Nationalism in replace of Patriotism. You see this type of Nationalism in the hard-core Trump supporter and in Trump’s policies because he too is left-like; unmoored from the Constitution. This accounts for the blur from the Constitutional Conservative perspective trying to separate alt-right and NEO left. A process requiring the splitting of hairs, a process we begin to lose the argument, so let’s make it easy. Don’t accuse the left of being un-patriotic, just identify them for who they are, a NEO patriot.

NEO patriot and traditional patriot is the divide between today’s left and right. Our situation is this. There are the rooted in basic Christian tradition and faith patriots which founded our nation and then the deniers or NEO patriots. The NEO patriot uses an agnosticism and a redefinition of everything traditional American to change even remake our founding. They exercise and exploit our system using our system like nullification, the courts, even the Constitution when it meets their ends. This contrast has never been more apparent than the recent transition of power. The instant organized protests by the left directed at a man vs the planned and calculated protests by the Tea Party directed at policy.

It is easy to call anything left un-American and spend the time ‘splitting that hair’. What we are missing is, falling into the trap of defining anti-Americanism. It is a tedious task and the very rabbit hole the left expects to draw us into, this is where we lose the argument and get bogged down. This is how we get labeled as a tedious complainer of their irrationalities then dismissed. If we take the example of the left – their messages are simple like a Twitter post, a protest poster board or a hashtag. Because the left plays on a field of fake grass, fake happiness, fake giving, fake caring, hypocrisy, and living a life of suppressed pent-up anger from irrational emotions rooted in fake Americana – they have created a fake Patriotism. But it is a patriotism nevertheless and they do believe it so do not deny them that. Just simply contrast it will actual patriotism and the truth will eventually set them free.

Again, they are patriots – just not a traditional kind of patriot we on the right recognize and one we reject out of academic instinct. I say they are patriots because they serve in our military, government, private sector and all the same areas we do. Don’t treat them like some foreign agent, that is again playing into their narrative. Do as they do, ignore it and focus on truth, facts and keep it simple stupid. Recognize the NEO patriot just lives in an alt-mindset with a different goal than restoring Americana. They want a new Americana laced with old school socialism.

Just as the NE Patriots showed; stick to your guns, defend the truth of tradition and experience thru Christian values but most of all contrast their simplicity with our simplicity. Counter every NEO patriot slogan with a Conservative American slogan. Example yourself as a consistent, educated, experienced and faithfully relentlessness traditional Patriot. Make your statement and leave it at that! You cannot argue your way to a win with a NEO patriot. Treat them like the adolescent mind they have and show the same level of love for our actual patriotism as they do with their fake patriotism but move on because, if you hadn’t noticed the elections, they are losing and losing yuge! Even in an era of Nationalism Trump, they are losing which is amazing.


I normally would not cite Breitbart News since the site suffered a hostile takeover by the NEO GOP alt-right goons but in this case, they got Trump’s immigration “PAUSE” correct with some additions I will add thanks to the work of Steve Deace. There were other sites also reporting facts but none that I found used a simple format like a, b, c.

It is also important to understand that the only two groups with commonalities in a dog fight fashion are the hard core Trumpanzees and the hard core never Trumper’s. Yes, I was a never Trumper, in many ways I maintain that record, but I am more interested truth than political polarization based in irrational emotions which drives the extreme’s.

Also, in the context of #ReplaceTheGOP initiative, let it be heard from the mountain tops – McShame, McConartist and the GOP establishment, with exception to Paul Ryan, are ALL on the wrong side and teaming up with deplorable Chucky Schumer!

That said, here is the addendum to the Breitbart article:

  • The US Constitution grants us, the USA, authority to block immigration for any damn reason we want! Period. It’s the US Constitution not the global constitution!
  • No one, not a single soul has the right to immigrate to America!
  • No Muslim ban, only a restriction on “receiving” from nations known to harbor terrorist or support (7) and this number came from Obamas DHS staff and in total equals about 12% of the Muslim population
  • None of the top ten countries in the world for sheltering refugees are in the West. Not a single European country!
  • Trump’s signature included more than 900 accepted refugees! More than what Bush was willing to do during his WHOLE presidency!
  • ALERT! This “pause” is modeled nearly too the word off Obama’s Iraqi refugees and immigrants in 2011!


Besides, lefties, if America is so bad, and you tell us so in your policies, protests, and government indoctrination history books; why would you want to inflict such suffering on others? This is eerily similar to your abortion derangement and desire to inflict pain and suffering on the innocent.

You are double talking hypocrites and should be checked for a mental disorder.

There is Mimicking the Left and There is Miming the Left

Mimicking the left means you adopt their strategy with your own material. Miming means you are becoming the very unpleasantry you resent. If we Conservatives are going to mime rather than mimic, we lose! And this is exactly what Nationalism does per Friedrich Hayek.

At the end of the nineteenth century, many thinkers in the Whig tradition feared the twin intellectual evils of their time, nationalism and socialism…

The irony of the mime represented by a phony Conservative, we call a Nationalist Progressive, by the name of Jonathan Murray at American Thinker. He is asking for liberals to come troll his vexingly void of facts and twisted Alex Jones logic on how ‘Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall’. I am a subscriber to AT and recommend everyone to be, they have some very good writers, but I have witnessed over the last two years a shift in their Conservative standards. Even the total abandonment of principals by allowing fake news as Johnathan’s article. When Trump cinched the nomination up, there was a drastic shift in the level of and numbers of bias articles at AT. In a rapid two-week shift at AT, it now seems to be an epidemic spreading across the web with Breitbart being the standard bearer.

I want to highlight an example, NOT to be a jerk to Jonathan Murray, or get people to stop going there, but to example what we Conservatives are facing now and how we can counter it. To take a stand even if it is one of our own. As Conservatives, it is imperative we self-check or we become the mimicking political hacks of the left. The first step in detecting alt-right fake news is coming to grips that Trump is NOT a Conservative. His economic strategy is NOT of our founding vision and we must make it known to this man and his administration. Once one grasps this reality, your ‘fake news’ (despite the source) detector is calibrated and you can move onto the rest of my piece here.

In a pathetic manor to legitimize Trump and/or defend the man, Jonathan Murray wrote a piece; “How Trump plans to pay for the wall”. Please read his article before continuing.

— pause —

You should have detected two things:

  1. He did NOT address Trump’s proposed tax on Mexico at all. Alarm bell number one!
  2. His angle is just factually vacant; non-existent. Fake!

In reverse order…

Factual correction item #2:
Drugs are not coming across the border via foot or “mule” runs as a primary stream. They are primarily vehicle transports with a secondary transport by air. See: Bill Clintons brother for air drug trafficking; “Clinton’s best friend, Dan Lasater, led the operations. Lasater and Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger Clinton, later spent time in jail due to drug related crimes”. Or you can just do some simple web search homework as I did which took me 30 seconds to gain some facts.

Common Overland Smuggling Methods — “Mexican DTOs dominate the transportation of illicit drugs across the Southwest Border. They typically use commercial trucks and private and rental vehicles to smuggle cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin through the 25 land POEs as well as through vast areas of desert and mountainous terrain between POEs.”

POE is: Point Of Entry
DTO is: Drug Traffic Organizations

So, at this point, this AT article is exposed as a HACK Trumpanzee chest beater article. Trump is doing some good things, there is no need to make up stories like this but I know why – Trump must be legitimized and the desire to ‘stick it to the left’ is still at a fever pitch. What is being overlooked is, he is doing it with exec orders! So back off. Trump is setting a new DC workday standard unlike we have ever seen from the right. Doing cover for Trump like the left did for Obama means all you are becoming a mime and you are creating unnecessary fake news. Just stop!

Reality correction item #1:
Nowhere was it pointed out, an obvious cover-up by Jon, that on day four, Trump proposed American’s to pay for the wall in a TAX! Whether that happens or not, it is a tax on Mexican goods coming into our country and that is NOT sound economic policy. Especially at a time with a real GDP of 1.9% – an anemia not seen since 1956. This would equal a price increase on the goods we buy made in Mexico. And because of the angry approach Trump took early on to satisfy his base, his ego, with Mexico’s current level of irritation of Trump (not that I care about that), what I do care about is the fact this will lead to a trade war with Mexico. So, we the people will pay twice over for an ‘emotionally’ charged issue of the wall.

Just as Obama was an open Marxists anti-American, Trump and Bannon and his team are out of the closet like a gay pride parade with their Nationalist Progressive protectionism. I remember when Pat Buchanan was a laughing joke, now his ideas are cool? NO, they are less cool than ever in a free-trade world. IT’S A TAX! Not a tariff, A TAX! Their words, not mine. Trump’s admin on day four are right out there saying it like Obama said; “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America” and boy did he cause even the alt right is now acting as if ‘we are all Nationalist Progressives now’.

Jonathan Murray at AT did not mention ONCE, Trump proposed a 20% TAX – again his words – A TAX! This despite the fact most American’s are saying, happily, we will pay for the wall – GLADLY – just secure the damn border already… period!

So why the show? I can only conclude it’s the dark side of Trump. What we #NeverTrumpers worried and warned about. He’s a Nationalist Populist and not the Constitutionalist we wanted. So, water under the bridge, now it is up to us once again so tell it be known. Trump likes Twitter? Then let’s blow up his feed with what we want!

Tweet him now! Tweet: @realDonaldTrump – Build The WALL Now – “We The People” will pay for it. JUST BUILD IT!

Add the possibility of a trade war coming to the fact he didn’t address DACA – AT ALL – a complete pass on one of his near two yearlong signature issues. Can we officially say Trump has failed on one of two signature immigration issues already? There is still time to correct him – like when we had time to replace Trump for a real Conservative in the primaries but most sat on their butts – we can hit the man on Twitter and let him know the following:

  • END DACA! Trump can executive order the end of Obama’s ILLEGAL exec order. period! We would accept the current illegals granted a temp period before they are deported (Trumps words!) and END THE PROGRAM NOW!

But what we don’t want is an ego maniac creating a damn trade war in a time of 1.9 GDP. Are these people economic illiterates!?

We had a bill in congress passed more than a decade ago, where is that money!?

Trump want’s 1.4 TRILLION for “infrastructure” boondoggles. This is on top of what Bush stole and Obama stole! HEY McFLY! Is the wall NOT “infrastructure”!? Seriously! That is A LOT OF DAMN MONEY! WAY more than our ‘infrastructure’ needs. More than we should ever be considering.

Trump’s Holy Grail – SCOTUS

UPDATE! 2/1/2017

Trump has made his selection and let me just start with – it wasn’t Mike Lee – and that is saying A LOT! This means we got someone with many question marks as well as ‘signs’ of some Conservatism but that verdict is still out because there aren’t enough cases to make this determination. The signature issue is Roe v Wade. Will he overturn it? We don’t know but we are going to find out fast.

No, the argument of; well, look what we would have got with HER…” That is a non-sequitur. Conservatism is NOT a binary lowest common denominator. Conservatism is; we get the best, no if ands or buts!

Neil Gorsuch is an open-ended pick that shows light toward our views but by far doesn’t blind us by that light. It was neither bold nor horrible. We won’t really know until he rules on a Constitutional Conservative and that is overturning Roe v Wade. The man’s writings and opinions do NOT show a ‘no questions ask’ pro-life stance. He has a left-wing education pedigree, he’s young and one can only conclude he holds far too many modern views.

As Schlafly, a man whom attended higher education with Gorsuch, said; “this was a lobbyist pick. Trumps election was a huge lobbyist election by Mr. Outsider. One of the most disturbing facts of Gorsuch is his support for transgender rights and has written as such.”


For a more positive in-depth issue-by-issue analysis, head over to The Federalist and read a piece by Andrew Walker. Note that his ONLY pro-life qual’s cited derive from an adjunct case dealing with a “Planned Parenthood case involving undercover videos” which isn’t a direct insight to the man’s opinion on this issue.

So where is Trump on this? Well, if you are at all paying attention, he is bantering names to us Conservatives, openly, via press releases, and leaks. He has been since the primaries. In fact, his pro-life justice ‘promise’ dates all the way back to 2015. It was item two of two, immigration being #1, for his approval. To Trumps credit, so far, he has been listening. Several names have been thrown out to us, we have reacted, and you have noticed those names fall off the radar. Most noticeable are; Dianna Sykes, Bill Pryor, and today it is Neil Gorsuch.

The latest name being bandied, Neil Gorsuch, is NOT a pro-life Conservative! At all costs, this man must be removed from the list!

We Conservatives believe power resides in Congress to make law. The Supreme Court is NOT a law-making branch nor are they the final say. Congress could simply restore the balance of power using the Constitution if we had a GOP willing to do so and a party that knew their Constitution especially now having the votes. Stating the obvious; they don’t and will not.

Passing a law based on Article III, Section 2 of the US Constitution limiting the jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court — requires a simple majority of both Houses of Congress and the president’s signature. If a president vetoes the bill, the veto can be overridden by two thirds of each House.

If Trump were as serious as he has said, he would be pushing congress NOW to get this to his desk. Stating more of the obvious, Trump doesn’t know his own Constitution.

The overriding problem is, today’s GOP likes abdicating their agenda, and responsibility to the SC. So if the left is willing to force their fascist authoritarian progressivism on us via the abuse of the SC, we should play in their clown house of politics and beat them at their own game. We do this by appointing a hard-core Roe v. Wade overturning pro-life Conservative! We do this by appointing a sold, unabashed, pro-life Constitutional Conservative (clearing throat… Mike Lee!). just as President Elect, now President Trump, promised for more than a year and a half, it is time to follow through Trump.

As a reminder, this is one of two signature Trump issues. Trumps whole purpose for becoming president, stopping Hitlery, was all based on immigration, and overturning Roe v. Wade. As I stated, Trump could do this via Article III, Section 2; it is clearly less difficult now. He can also do this with a “solid” no question Constitutional Conservative appointment. Trump has ZERO excuses! He has two routes! It is time to move our dial on our home page from 5% to 25%

Times have changed, the environment has changed, and we need to change our tactics toward a leftist model thus fighting fire with fire. Let Trump know; nothing less than your promise to “end Roe v. Wade: and “appoint a pro-life Conservative” is acceptable. Do it via his Twitter feed:

For an excellent, full interview, and thorough critique of this current SCOTUS possibility, please tune into Steve Deace – Hour 1: Why Trump must replace a Scalia for a Scalia.

Steve interviews a former law school classmate of Neil Gorsuch – Andy Schlafly Listen at:

You can also read Andy Schlafly scorch this pick at National Review Read more at:

Weekend #1 of Trump’s Administration – The Rise of the Pee Party!

100% George Soros funded, leftist whining, anarchist crybabies launch the new protest movement based on the Tea Party model – we will call it the Pee Party!

These are professional protesters and the Tea Party better get ready.

It is never going to end. The left is the left. They have an agenda like a religious priest, they are imbedded into their theology of anti-human progressivism, and like a Theocratic government using a military to enforce God’s laws these people use violence and law breaking to force their ideology onto everyone. Do I need to repeat myself and others? These people are the racists, fascists, anarchists, and statists. This fact is being exposed right out of the gate.

What makes it all really bad is… Trump’s daughter is one of these Pee Party activists and in solidarity with them. Trump was a bundler to the Clintons, friends with George Soros, so what we have is a credibility issue and the lack thereof.

We #NeverTrumpers can already say – “we told you so!”

So what do we do. We support and defend Trump when he is on the side of our Constitution and we oppose him when he begins to buckle under the pressure that has already begun. We become the example. The left is angry. People like Glenn Beck may grant them some leverage to “hear them out” and I agree, but I don’t agree to the extent and level he does. The root left cares NOT about getting along AT ALL. We better figure that out or it’s over! The groups opposed to us, the progressive left, at all costs is far larger than Beck knows or wants to believe. You don’t create a century old movement set out to ‘fundamentally transform America’ and have ANY sense of [getting along]. You fundamentally do not understand your opponent if that’s the case. If there are those that do, work with them, that is the Christian approach, bring them into the fold of American civil disagreement but once that goes into civil disobedience, all bets are off, and so is communication!

Fake News, Fake Parties, Fake President?

45th President

Congratulation’s Trump, you finally made it into the Whitehouse after more than 20 years working, buying people like Hillary, Schumer, et al and positioning for it. I will give you an “A” for effort, tenacity, and a burning desire for power. I have to say, great political moves by a ‘non-politician’. Oh yes, I also have to qualify myself with; it isn’t her, Hitlery as I call her, we are ALL happy about that because we know what that would mean. What scares me is, do the people actually have a full understanding of the choice, made mostly by democrats, the consequences, that Trump isn’t who they think? Since we now live in the alt-right binary, let me flip the switch to some good things about Trump. He does love his country unlike the last deplorable president and nasty wife. It may not be the same way a Conservative does – Constitution, Declaration, founding sacrifices, Biblical scripture throughout our documents, virtue, Christianity, et al. But hey, he’s also not the Marxist missionary Hitlery is, hell-bent to change our country into some depot 3rd world banana republic, right? Yes, Trump will do some good things, possibly great thing(s). He may even reverse much of Obama’s executive record. Or try to executive order Obama care null. I can confidently say the advancement toward a Constitutional Republic as founded will NOT rule his presidency. He is and will be a populist, nationalist, mercantilist, and a T. Roosevelt style NEO Republican.

It is todays inaugural speech I want to highlight this reality of Trump. I use the description NEO Republican because as Mark Levin pointed out perfectly in the primary, Trump pulled a fast one of his own, and created a NEO Republican faction within the GOP. A mix of moderates, liberals, a “new” nationalism buttressed with some passive conservatism – small ‘c’. trump rattled off lofty big government proposals like infrastructure projects, his thugocratic approach to free markets, and his banner waving patriotism. This will all become a problem in the unstoppable Tea Party march back to our Constitution. As I see it now, the Tea Party is split but will find their way home once reality sets in. That is when, as Trump said, We The People will take back ownership of this great Republic. I just hope Trump will be willing to follow our lead.

Don’t take my opinion as reality. My opinion among many Conservatives was codified by Steve Bannon himself. Trumps White House chief strategist. Harkening back to Andrew Jackson in a comparison to Trump! A Democrat… Yes, a Democrat! But unlike Trump, that Democrat was for a balanced budget and smaller federal government – a.k.a. federalism. Not like trump though, he was also for segregation and an open racist! Is Bannon telling us something? I digress.

Trumps speech was good because we have 8 years of Obama speeches ad nausea to reference – Goofy would have been a refreshing speech maker. Trump, reaffirming ‘We The People’ own this government, better not be just reading a teleprompter. The alarming portion of his speech was silence – I strained to hear any “small government” echoes of the Tea Party chamber that got this man elected. Trumps words, short and poignant, do not erase the man’s history of protectionist – nationalist – republican progressivism.

Trump has his own level of ‘fake’. Like all politicians, Trump is no outsider, a narrative we Conservatives destroyed in the primaries, and he gained power by creating or highlighting a problem(s) then providing a solution. Classic political play. He plays to emotions of anger and fear like any former example of a great Populist / Nationalist politician. Ties it to jobs and safety on all economic aspects, at a time people are angry, desperate, frustrated and impatient, and exploits it. He became president in modern times on a 50 year old platform; “making our products, stealing our jobs, etc.”. If you are calm enough in your own convictions, what you hear last night was Bernie Sanders rhetoric! The man fundamentally doesn’t get the free market system but I assume he will soon learn as all presidents do. Maybe all his failed products jaded him to have such lack of confidence in this free market. Capitalism, when left alone, unleashed, as in few examples of the past and could today if allowed, solve all these problems. It solved Trumps, he just failed at it, and that failure ‘protected’ the consumer. Without getting into deep forces of economics and econ theory, that’s how it works. Trump points all this out then offers a solution couched in protectionist beliefs. The very antidote which will make bad economics worse. We don’t need another demagogue like those of the left, bashing our free market, and demonizing the free exercise thereof.

So, Trump may have turned some corners of the radical left by just denying another leftist in the Whitehouse. The voter has decimated and put the left in their place across this whole country. The question is, will Trump make the complete turn, point the ship away form the problem and towards the Constitutional solution? Sail us back to our founding? I doubt it but the ship is beginning to turn in the right direction in many ways giving us time for relief, time to educate our citizens more on our founding and where we should go, and make another choice in four to eight more years to complete the turn.

One thing this election codified, without a doubt, and absolutely – it was a complete rejection of the left!

115th Congress – 2017’s First Call To Action!

Eric Erickson over at The Resurgent has nailed it!

Democrats have declared they will do what they perceive Republicans having done to Obama and will obstruct, block, and oppose Donald Trump in every way, shape, and form unless he goes completely their way. Good. They should. In fact, they should try to obstruct Trump so thoroughly that the government itself is forced to shut down.

I want to double down on this take by saying; “I hope the GOP fails!” – to quote a once great political pundit before he sold his soul to Nationalist / Populism over his self-proclaimed Conservatism. Or, maybe he was never a true Conservative, but nevertheless.

You know, when the GOP had the Congressional authority to at least write articles of impeachment, legitimately so by-the-way, they wouldn’t even say the damn word! We had more reasons to impeach Obama than Nixon and all other president’s combined! There is a rumor that the left has already started writing Trump’s. This is what an opposition party looks like. Hello, GOP! A party on the left and a party on the right are on opposite sides FOR A REASON. They aren’t designed to “get along”. When they “get along” we get screwed.

Here’s the deal. No matter the chaos in DC, just as this election was left up to us, it is also left up to us to make this GOP party go in OUR direction. The only way we can do this post election is to email, call or march. We aren’t at marching, yet, so I ask that we email and call till their phone system is shut down.

Let’s focus our attention on the leader, Paul Ryan, and here is how to reach him. Remind Paul of one word; “REPEAL”. Not nibble or fix or make work et al.

Tell Paul: REPEAL!

Paul Ryan
Washington DC Office
Phone: (202) 225-3031
Toll-Free: (888) 909-7926


115th Congress & 100 Days

Today is the day the GOP could begin rolling back, at a minimum, 8 years of Obama’s unConstitutionalism. Will they? Not based on the language I heard today from – “get along Paul Ryan”. From – “work together” Paul Ryan. From – “time to come together Paul Ryan”.
The GOP ‘should’ begin rolling back Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the complete defunding of Planned Parenthood, and their 8 years of habitual betrayal of their constituency – their Conservative base. After all, with them, they would NOT have Donald Trump as president nor would they have the House or Senate! The GOP could begin repairing the damage they have done to this base and their first order of business should be a conservative appointment on the United States Supreme Court based on Trump’s existing list.
As for the left, they di not hesitate, the day after Trump won the election, Schumer is quoted; “if they think they are going to just do anything they want, they are fooling themselves”. Hey GOP! That is what an opposition party sounds like! Anything the GOP does will be attributed to overreach and opposition will be the standard Democrat procedure. But the GOP promised a lot beginning with the repeal of Obamacare and the appointment of a Scalia replacement. They damn sure better do these two things or it is strike three – YOU’RE OUT! In addition to these two primary issues, the GOP promised to protect the energy sector, to bring back Federalism and states rights, to limit the fed’s influence on education specifically on standards like common core, and “restart the engines of freedom” with tax code reform. Again, three strikes, and you are OUT!
The GOP must seize this moment in 100 days with Trump or ALL is lost. We better be calling this 100 days – 100 days of shock and awe! The Obama administration was not the death nail to America, he did what a good Marxist does to set the stage for destruction, now is the time that counts, and if the GOP rests on the Benelli TNT Brake Clutch Lever it will be the GOP that destroys America as we know it. They will have thrown away their majority sending us into 100 years of Socialist darkness.
It is the 115th Congress, three massive landslide elections plus a president, now is the time the GOP should make sure every last bit of Clinton, Bush and Obama is unraveled. Otherwise, they can count on political revolutions ad nausea, #ConventionOf States, #ReplaceTheGOP, and the left regaining most of what they lost while We The People instill permanent political chaos.

Trumps Election & Transition; Not What You Think!

Let me begin this by saying, all you Trumpanzees, just STOP! If you are going to exhibit Obama Bot like hypocrisy in the form of retribution, in my opinion, anti-Americanism, a tactic you are using toward Conservatives like myself whom are more on your side than you want to acknowledge, then you will have a very long, and tiring 4-year defense posture. I predict you will lose as well. We #NeverTrumpers may not have voted for Trump but we are NOT your leftist enemy so get a damn grip! If you are going to allow your Nationalism / Populism trump (pun intended) Americanism, you will have the most miserable first 4 years of Trump than you ever had in 8 years of Obama, and you will be the cause of the complete destruction of the Republican party. This split will complete many desires, Myself included, to #ReplaceTheGOP. A party I believe despite Trump is unrecoverable for their betrayal of us and their country. The level of inaction, aiding and abatement toward the left over the last 8 years added to their gradual erosion over 50+ years is by far the most epic act of betrayal in our country’s history of political parties. One which George Washington himself eerily predicted.

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
― George Washington

We on the right, in all our shades, are Americans, got it!? We live under a Constitution built from the most profound and unique declaration ever conceived by man. A document separating man from himself and connecting him to his creator God. This separation means we are not a banana Republic in some third world south American world where a false deity is crowned supreme. So, stop with all your snowflake bully style rhetoric in a lame attempt to canonize your angry retribution of Obama. This begins with ending the Gulag style comments like; “give him a chance”, “get in line”, “get over it, your guy lost and we won”, and my favorite self-defeating slogan; “get on the Trump train”. You get on your train to Trump Auschwitz and go to your camp alone, I am staying an American!

What you people are exhibiting in your defense of Trump against legitimate criticism, here in Trumps transition process, is the very weakness we #NeverTrumpers knew Trump had in both his character and Constitutional comprehension. This is exactly why we rejected him, especially in these times. It is incumbent on your part to acknowledge this fact. Through your rhetoric, you are highlighting yourselves as desperate subjects without sound faith, or any faith at all, by seeking yet your own man-made despot similar in many ways to the one we just had and a woman of similar traits we rejected.

Your very anger prescribes an unconstitutional recipe for Trump to be the right’s version of Obama. Your blind argument for Trump while ignoring the real issue, the GOP, is the very argument the right fails at by saying they want the supreme court to have less power while granting them that very power to overturn leftist ruling’s. There is another way, a set process, and it is called Congress! But they have failed us and continue to do so by getting in the “Trump train”. Don’t double down and think Trump can control these sellouts too. With the GOP’s impotence and Trump’s exhibition of Thugocracy towards Boeing and Carrier right out the president elect gates, the very abuse of our executive branch YOU were driven into the streets for by Obama, is back by ‘populisms’ demand. If allowed to overshadow our citizen duty in stopping this man before he becomes our Achilles’ heel, the things Trump will do good at will be overshadowed by things he will do extremely horrible at. Our job is to PREVENT him from doing the bad things and support him on his good things.

OK, enough about you people, this is more about how We The People are going to fight Trump where it counts. HINT: we will flat out ignore the left and their mental derangement disorder, all in unison, because THAT is where we all agree. Do this and we make America Great thru Trump.

Fact is, like Obama, Trump is moving just as fast as he did. We have all read the stories by now, the presidency preview results are in! They require our active citizen duty to be scrutinized! So far we are seeing some troubling characteristic’s that will play into the mental disorder of the left and we must have the courage to be honest with our choice.

Reality check!

  • Trump is T. Roosevelt 2.0 with some Wilson tinges
  • Conservative? No. I haven’t seen a sign yet. While Trump has made less good appointments than horrible, there are a handful of key people in good positions like James Mattis for Secretary of Defense and some other ‘strong’ security people as well as Scott Pruitt for EPA. An area we must hold off at all costs or the left will destroy us with their false god mother Gaia.
  • Trump voters, Trump did NOT beat Hillary, enough with this elation of false narratives. It was NO WHERE NEAR a landslide. What happen was she lost! End of subject. But however, it happened, we stopped her and yes that is good.

A quick focus on an issue which trumps Trump’s supreme court obligation to the GOP’s Conservative base. For those Conservatives that helped Trump win, you showed up and it was your 20% that got this man elected. In the world of politics, he owes you! That payout better be the EPA appointment ending the EPA as we know it! He must demand this end of an unelected and unconstitutional regulatory agency before it destroys us as an energy super power.

Obviously, the supreme court is the other payout. If Trump drops the ball on either of these two items or both, he will be a failed president. It will seal the #NeverTrumpers prediction of; “the wrong president at the worst time in our history.”

These two issues are BIG! Cannot be emphasized more. If (big if) this appointment and a Scalia replacement happens, many signs pointing to the possibility, we will have severely destroyed much of the core of the left and Trump will be a success to the chagrin of my better judgement. I have been wrong plenty of times, please let me be wrong here. This is the primary support we all should give Trump but by no means should Trump be granted the level of cart Blanche mindless support he is being given considering “draining the swamp” and hiring the Goldman Sachs swamp monsters! This is epic level Trumpocracy!

More of ‘not what you think’ are the election results. The Trumpanzees seem to think, and so does Trump, there was a ‘landslide’. Sorry, WRONG! I need not cite anything more than Reagans election to define a “landslide”. End of subject. Go do your research and gain a perspective or two.

Despite the Trumpanzees accusing us #NeverTrumpers for wanting Hillary to win by not voting for Trump, we desired for Hillary to lose as well. Yes, it is true. I know it’s confusing to the angry binary mind but allow me to double down on your confusion by saying we were helping you! Yep, also true. You, again, were just too scared, paranoid, reacting on self-induced stupidity and your depth of anger made you deaf to many facts such as the GOP being your real enemy – not Hillary – but I digress. Pay attention now; “if you were living in a blue state, voting 3rd party hurt Hillary!” Yes, Hillary was being hurt by the 3rd party voting and it is now in – Jill Stein was Hillary’s Ross Perot!

Another reality check on GOP electoral gains. It is clear the election results since 2010 thru 2016 were less about a vote “for” the Republican party than a vote of desperation out of absence of a “real Conservative third party”. In states Trump won and a Conservative also won, the Conservative garnered more votes than Trump. Trumps lack of Constitutionality shows just how many Conservatives were seeking the right kind of candidate for the right time – this election – and that Trump was NOT that representative despite him winning the consolation runner up prize. As I have said post-election – Trump didn’t win, she lost! Reagan won and if Trump were a real ‘Reagan”, he would have actually had a massive landslide.

A breakout by region shows the vote increase in the Western states in 2016 is over 123% of the vote received in 2012. The Southern states showed the next highest percentage vote increase with nearly a 56% increase. Overall, the total vote increase is 59.31%. Even in the write -in states (which were not complete before this post), the vote tally over 2012 is 74.20%.

Reagan won and if Trump were a real Reagan, he would have had a massive landslide, “deal with it”.

One shocking takeaway is, and you know your party is done when; Jeb Bush is on board with a Convention of states; results of Trump’s election!

I know the Trumpanzees are elated. We #NeverTrumpers share some of that with your but we remain unbound. Your elation is so much so you are still suspending all common decency and common sense that you cannot grasp; we are on your side! We just don’t agree with blind faith in a very very flawed MAN nor will we blindly just support all his actions. It begs to point out and drive this example home. When Trump states on Fox News Sunday, 12/11/2016, “I am for free trade, but it must be fair trade”, in response to his Carrier tirade on Twitter and subsequent tariff threats, you had better recognize that is NOT Americanism. That is the mindset of an iron-fisted regulatory Nationalist Progressive! That is a statement from a dictator’s mind! Period. This is what we must agree on and fight him every step of the way. This is Woodrow Wilson and Theodor Roosevelt 2.0.

If you can’t understand that, this will be the longest 4 years of your active citizenry, because you are declaring political war on Constitutional Conservatism with Trump and we are armed and ready.

Attention GOP!

Bottom of the 9th, bases are loaded, Trump is at bat with 3 balls and two strikes. If the GOP doesn’t hit a homerun they will be replaced.

As of today, Steve Bannon is Chief Strategist and to give some perspective; this is the equivalent to Obama making Van Jones the Strategist Czar rather than an “advisor”. Where is Van Jones in 2009? Exactly… GONE. But for more perspective to just how the tables have turned, Pence in 2009 is quoted saying; “I think Van Jones did the right thing”, as in stepping down. So, my question for Pence today is, where are you with Trump’s Van Jones!?

And this brings me to my main point. Complacency!

Anyone that claims to have known Trump would win is an idiot, a self-diluted liar and the very clown whom everyone should run from because it will be these clowns that will pollute the pool of common sense leading to a lack of action for that time when Trump will need to hear from us in force.

These people have already gone home to do NOTHING. Like the person that drinks too much and suddenly finds God, these people are the very ones that have sustained the GOP thru all their betrayal’s by voting “R” because the fear of the “D” is far greater than reality. They will also be the first to blame everyone else for his failings.

To keep Trump accountable, we must maintain the same level of vigilance we exercised toward Obama.

Let me just give you one more fact to jolt such a reality check I am trying to convey. In the late 1970’s into the early 1980’s, after Reagan beat Carter, did you know there was an Article V – Convention of States initiative underway? Unlike today’s COS with multiple amendment proposals, this COS was focused on a balanced budget amendment requirement. It was overshadowed by a congressional bill to require a balanced budget called the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act in 1985. Between Reagan’s win for president and the GRH Act, these ended the last attempt at an Article V COS. So we lost a chance for permanent change and the congressional bill was later shot down by our favorite supreme court of course.

So giving up is NOT AN OPTION just because Trump has won the presidency!

Since Nov. 9th, after speaking with many activists from the Tea Party to the Convention of States volunteers to fellow parishioners and the average public voting Joe, I am afraid complacency is already setting in. The typical GOP attitude is already taking hold in many of the people that have never been an activist before – not even during eight years of Obama – and thus fundamentally do not understand the gravity of the Tea Party momentum or how we will need it over the next four years.

Trump is still a Nationalist with Progressive tendencies, he has already exposed this fact with Obamacare. He wants to keep some of the “good things”. Some of the good things? If he wants to nibble at major issues, how about he adds that anyone on their parent’s healthcare till 26 can’t vote till they’re 27! He has a new proposal to forgiving student loans only a radical leftist could appreciate and that is a forgiveness plan based on you’re a percentage of your income. So, if you are at home at 26 you probably have no job thus you will get a 100% relief! He still has a plan for a 1.4+ trillion-dollar spending plan! And we all know, based on the last eight years, the GOP loves them some spend’n! How about his typical GOP nibbling of Common Core but NOT abolishing the department of education? Which also brings up the fact that Trump has not ever talked about closing a single department or role down. How about the surgeon general role? What a waste of our money.

My point – Now is NOT the time to stop our fervor to hold the elected people accountable especially the biggest unknown – Trump!

We cannot rely on the “vote R it’s better than a D” Republican, they voted and now think their job is done. It will be the people that never for one minute thought Trump would lose OR win, or Hitlery had it in the bag, it is those of us that knew this inordinate election would be a new battle that we have to adapt to and stay on cue with holding Trump, the GOP and the left accountable. This will only be accomplished via an Article V – Convention of States!

Personally, I thought the chances of it being contested was far more likely, but I also didn’t self-dilute that Trump is now elected and I can stop worrying. Like many, I sighed some relief then woke up the next day and realized Hitlery will get away with EVERYTHING! That is far more devastating to our Constitutional system of laws than anything else especially Hitlery winning.

The runner up to our Lady Justice being dissed is the Trump fans and supporters to go home and fall asleep like the right ALWAYS DOES.

Don’t fall asleep people! We have to stay just as vigilant and just as activated as we were with Obama. Trump is NOT a Conservative, get that thru your head! He also said it himself, he’s not an “insider”, so he will need our help to get much of the good parts of his plan accomplished AND those things we want him to do that’s not on his docket!

This is the last chance the GOP has to save itself. I would love to return to the GOP as a registered voting Republican because they have redeemed themselves. The party of Abe. The party that ended slavery. Gave women the right to vote. Stood up to Communism both within and without. Broke out of the Whig pack and shined like a shiny city on a hill. But I will be DAMNED if I will allow this loyalty of rich history cloud my vision of freedom! I will pack up those bags of richness and move it with me to the Constitution Party. As a last note to the GOP – I have already unregistered from your roles and onto the Constitution Party’s roles. It was the hearts of men that created your rich history, along with blood seat and tears, and it will be those same hearts of men today that will carry on its legacy under a new banner.

Again! We will replace you GOP and we will take our heritage with us!