Trump Walks Line of Treason with Putin!


If you are a true Conservative, there is NO WAY IN HELL you could have supported the words the president used! NO WAY!

When an AP Reporter asked Trump who he stands with, our intelligence or Russia, the response was TREASONOUS! Period.

The question:
AP Reporter: “who do you believe, American officials or Putin and will you denounce Putin now?”
Trump; “Where is the server, what’s the server saying… I don’t see any reason it would be Russia. Putin is strong in his denial.”

A.K.A. Trump took a murderous thugs word over his own intelligence’s!!! Trump does NOT believe in a moral equivalence btwn US and Russia. What do you expect from a 5x draft dodger. Cheater! DEPLORABLE!

A simple question, a genius like Trump should have had NO PROBLEM answering but didn’t answer! EVERYONE knows it was Russia!

The president of the United States; “I don’t see why it would be Russia”.

This #fakePresident sided with our staunch enemy!!! A KGB THUG! It is on record now! Trump just placed all his denials into question so keep the investigation on cause SOMETH’N AIN’T RIGHT HERE!!!

The man cannot get over the election. He cannot stop making and diverting his incompetence to Hillary. He cannot get past the Muller Investigation and making it ALL ABOUT HIM. The man is PATHETIC! He is also paranoid! He has NO IDEA what Muller is looking into. Trump himself ASKED for this investigation! Now he’s paranoid it’s all about him!? UNFIT FOR OFFICE!

Mr. President, Mr “Zero Collusion”, end it all today and #DeclassifyTheDocs!!! NO ONE asked you about interference… YOU brought that up! Little guilty conscious on your mind?

BTW- Russia is STILL MEDDLING! They are, right now, at war with us and meddling in the 2018 election!

Before you Trumpanzees go off – replace Trump with Obama. Where do you stand? Yes, you would be blasting Obama like I am Trump. The difference is, you aren’t a real Conservative and I AM!

Consistency is Conservatism & that’s why the Right is Failing!

@GlennBeck today (6/1/18) stated in a tirade about the left media – “CONSISTENCY”.


Beck, whom launched his comeback from a drunken stooper on the back of Obama and the dollars of the LDS parishioners – AND RIGHTFULLY SO BTW – congrats! Problem is, he’s NOT a Conservative, over this period he’s shifted which is the one area Beck is very consistent on, and into the realm of LiberCon – one of the most inconsistent political wings there is.

Also, this morning, Beck launched into the reason for this post – his chilling for Trump, yet another shift he made by virtue signaling himself of how wrong he was about Obama.

NO, NO BECK, you were CORRECT! You were correct in your vitriol and hyper critical investigations of Obama, but you have lost ALL CREDS by swinging wildly away from your ‘founders’ approach to being critical of ALL elected officials especially Trump. Yeah, we know, you will say this is not accurate, but WE are the listeners – you obviously don’t hear yourself!

This inconsistency has been the rights Achilles heel for more than 50 years and will continue to be the primary contributor to our overall decline and submission to the progressive march even while and especially while we hold the apparatus of government power.


Beck, what the hell is up with your dressing attire… seriously, come on man, you are trying Way too hard to be an eccentric. STOP THE FAKENESS.