Fake News, Fake Parties, Fake President?

45th President

Congratulation’s Trump, you finally made it into the Whitehouse after more than 20 years working, buying people like Hillary, Schumer, et al and positioning for it. I will give you an “A” for effort, tenacity, and a burning desire for power. I have to say, great political moves by a ‘non-politician’. Oh yes, I also have to qualify myself with; it isn’t her, Hitlery as I call her, we are ALL happy about that because we know what that would mean. What scares me is, do the people actually have a full understanding of the choice, made mostly by democrats, the consequences, that Trump isn’t who they think? Since we now live in the alt-right binary, let me flip the switch to some good things about Trump. He does love his country unlike the last deplorable president and nasty wife. It may not be the same way a Conservative does – Constitution, Declaration, founding sacrifices, Biblical scripture throughout our documents, virtue, Christianity, et al. But hey, he’s also not the Marxist missionary Hitlery is, hell-bent to change our country into some depot 3rd world banana republic, right? Yes, Trump will do some good things, possibly great thing(s). He may even reverse much of Obama’s executive record. Or try to executive order Obama care null. I can confidently say the advancement toward a Constitutional Republic as founded will NOT rule his presidency. He is and will be a populist, nationalist, mercantilist, and a T. Roosevelt style NEO Republican.

It is todays inaugural speech I want to highlight this reality of Trump. I use the description NEO Republican because as Mark Levin pointed out perfectly in the primary, Trump pulled a fast one of his own, and created a NEO Republican faction within the GOP. A mix of moderates, liberals, a “new” nationalism buttressed with some passive conservatism – small ‘c’. trump rattled off lofty big government proposals like infrastructure projects, his thugocratic approach to free markets, and his banner waving patriotism. This will all become a problem in the unstoppable Tea Party march back to our Constitution. As I see it now, the Tea Party is split but will find their way home once reality sets in. That is when, as Trump said, We The People will take back ownership of this great Republic. I just hope Trump will be willing to follow our lead.

Don’t take my opinion as reality. My opinion among many Conservatives was codified by Steve Bannon himself. Trumps White House chief strategist. Harkening back to Andrew Jackson in a comparison to Trump! A Democrat… Yes, a Democrat! But unlike Trump, that Democrat was for a balanced budget and smaller federal government – a.k.a. federalism. Not like trump though, he was also for segregation and an open racist! Is Bannon telling us something? I digress.

Trumps speech was good because we have 8 years of Obama speeches ad nausea to reference – Goofy would have been a refreshing speech maker. Trump, reaffirming ‘We The People’ own this government, better not be just reading a teleprompter. The alarming portion of his speech was silence – I strained to hear any “small government” echoes of the Tea Party chamber that got this man elected. Trumps words, short and poignant, do not erase the man’s history of protectionist – nationalist – republican progressivism.

Trump has his own level of ‘fake’. Like all politicians, Trump is no outsider, a narrative we Conservatives destroyed in the primaries, and he gained power by creating or highlighting a problem(s) then providing a solution. Classic political play. He plays to emotions of anger and fear like any former example of a great Populist / Nationalist politician. Ties it to jobs and safety on all economic aspects, at a time people are angry, desperate, frustrated and impatient, and exploits it. He became president in modern times on a 50 year old platform; “making our products, stealing our jobs, etc.”. If you are calm enough in your own convictions, what you hear last night was Bernie Sanders rhetoric! The man fundamentally doesn’t get the free market system but I assume he will soon learn as all presidents do. Maybe all his failed products jaded him to have such lack of confidence in this free market. Capitalism, when left alone, unleashed, as in few examples of the past and could today if allowed, solve all these problems. It solved Trumps, he just failed at it, and that failure ‘protected’ the consumer. Without getting into deep forces of economics and econ theory, that’s how it works. Trump points all this out then offers a solution couched in protectionist beliefs. The very antidote which will make bad economics worse. We don’t need another demagogue like those of the left, bashing our free market, and demonizing the free exercise thereof.

So, Trump may have turned some corners of the radical left by just denying another leftist in the Whitehouse. The voter has decimated and put the left in their place across this whole country. The question is, will Trump make the complete turn, point the ship away form the problem and towards the Constitutional solution? Sail us back to our founding? I doubt it but the ship is beginning to turn in the right direction in many ways giving us time for relief, time to educate our citizens more on our founding and where we should go, and make another choice in four to eight more years to complete the turn.

One thing this election codified, without a doubt, and absolutely – it was a complete rejection of the left!

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