Here Come the Hit-Piece Attacks at the COS!

And so it starts! An LA Times hit job on the Convention of States.

Here is my rebuttal…

Titled: A constitutional convention would be a Brexit-scale crisis for the U.S.

This article is lies, lies and more lies!

First understand that if we were to leave this to the congress, do you actually think they would self-impose the constitutional restriction they currently violate? Give me a break! They would create another 16th amendment, another 17th… all granting them more power over us. THIS IS NOT HOW OUR GOVERNMENT IS CONSTRUCTED! It is a “LIMITED” government and we are far far away form that original intent.

Also understand, the founders gave us this second amendment process – FOR THIS VERY TIME IN OUR HISTORY. They knew, Alexis de Tocqueville philosophized about it, and the founders gave us a second method which EXCLUDES congress – CONGRESS HAS NO SAY AND THEY BY LAW CANNOT INTERFERE – despite what this statist says, as they knew congress would NEVER self-impose restrictions.

  • “to call a new constitutional convention”

It is NOT a “constitutional convention”.

We only had one and will NEVER have another. This is like saying, the 27 times we have “amended” the constitution via congress means we had a “convention”? NO! We had an Article V amendment process.

  • “Like Brexit, this would risk grave damage to the global economy. It would also drastically reduce America’s standing in world affairs — far more than handing the presidency to an incoherent, shop-worn reality TV star.”

Like Brexit? So wanting MORE freedom, MORE independence and a responsible financial system is BAD? This is the mind of a statist! A big government progressive! Remember when the left pitted each side against each other? Right was the side that wanted to take your rights away? They wanted to tell you how to have sex in your own home? WAKE UP! It has been the Progressives – left and right – always has been! And they are party agnostic so stop the left vs right mindset. View politics as more government vs less government and yes, of course, left vs right can be more narrowly refined but the fight here is more vs less government. And of course the dig at Trump whom doesn’t even KNOW what Article V is and has never talked about it but this is the progressive tactic of political divide.

  • “An effort to call a convention to propose a balanced-budget amendment”

This is FAR more than that. That is only ONE proposed amendment. I for one, with, am working to make sure the 17th Amendment is abolished and restored to our original intent of representation.

  • “The effort is spearheaded by a hodgepodge of right-wing advocacy groups”

Again, more political division by statist! This is a “bi-partisan” effort and to give this clown a dose of reality, even heavy “D” CA is still considering its passage. The fact is, it will reign in the feds and return ‘the power not delegated to the federal, back to the states’. Over a century, the states have lost much of their power to a federal government that doesn’t work or function properly within a “restricted Constitutional government” and we know this by just looking at the land grab the feds have conducted in every state.

  • “The bigger threat is that a constitutional convention, once unleashed on the nation, would be free to rewrite or scrap any parts of the U.S. Constitution”

Again, total lie!  It has already been “unleashed” but it is NOT a wild animal off a chain! It has rules, all that were already agreed upon at Mt. Vernon. One rule is, ALL states in the 1/3rd must agree OR NOTHING PASSES.

  • “The bigger threat is that a constitutional convention, once unleashed on the nation, would be free to rewrite or scrap any parts of the U.S. Constitution”

Total lie, completely ignorant and intentionally so to get people angry and in opposition. The constitution CANNOT BE “SCRAPED”. This is WHY we have an “amendment process”, because the constitution is to never be “altered”. Only AMENDED. As it has been 27 times.

  • “Do we really want to open up our nation’s core defining values to debate at a time when a serious candidate for the White House brags about his enthusiasm for torture and the surveillance state, wants to “open up” reporters to lawsuits, scoffs at the separation of powers and holds ideas about freedom of religion that are selective at best?”

David, you have YOUR candidate that just SPAT IN THE FACE OF THE LAW SHE FLAGRANTLY IGNORED! I, you, anyone else did 1/10th of what she did and it would be PRISON! THIS IS THE VERY CASE FOR A CONVENTION! To restrain the people that are holding themselves ABOVE THE LAW! As a #NeverTrump supporter, I agree with your text I quoted, but you FORGOT THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNIST AND LAW BREAKER EVER IN US HISTORY – HITLERY “NIXON” CLINTON!

Don’t take some clowns obvious bias, go educate yourself as I have of the facts at Feel free to call me and I would be happy to help answer your questions or concerns. (805) GOP-1854