Why Unregister?

Removing your name from the party rolls sends a very loud message!

Whether this party gets the message or not, based on the latest registration numbers in CA alone, more than 280,000 Republicans unregistered from the GOP in the last 8 years, the message is clear but one state isn’t enough. We need an all-state-exodus to get through to the GOP. CA is a great example, now let’s make it the example of what is coming from the rest of the country!


Where to go?

I personally like the Constitution Party because of the name and nothing more. Shallow? How could my reason be anymore shallow than 30 years of promises by the GOP?

Since I started this site, a new party has come to the surface, The Federalist Party and their reason for starting a completely new party vs. borrowing the position of another is compelling. They considered the Constitution Party and the Libertarian party but chose their own path for a perfectly simple reason – they aren’t serious and have serious organizational internal issues. The Libertarian party has an identity crisis. One cannot tell if they are Socialist light, Marxist bent, if they actually believe in the founding of ‘One Nation Under God‘ since many in the party reject our origin of law or all of the above.


How a 3rd Party Will Help!

What is the check and balance on the current two party system? Voting you say? How is that ping-pong match working out for you?

What it is accomplishing by a 3rd party without a doubt is the breaks are applied to slow or stop the trajectory towards a cliff. This may not seem like a lot but if we can’t turn the wheel, at least hit the damn breaks because we are heading for a cliff!

Despite the modern concept of “needing to get along to get stuff done”, that is NOT how our form of government works or the original intent of our intended limited government. You gain limited government by slowing it down, bottleneck’s and debate – NOT thousands of laws every year. All governments have an innate propensity to grow. Even under a great president, Reagan, where did we end up? Case closed.

Now make it happen – change your party today!