I normally would not cite Breitbart News since the site suffered a hostile takeover by the NEO GOP alt-right goons but in this case, they got Trump’s immigration “PAUSE” correct with some additions I will add thanks to the work of Steve Deace. There were other sites also reporting facts but none that I found used a simple format like a, b, c.

It is also important to understand that the only two groups with commonalities in a dog fight fashion are the hard core Trumpanzees and the hard core never Trumper’s. Yes, I was a never Trumper, in many ways I maintain that record, but I am more interested truth than political polarization based in irrational emotions which drives the extreme’s.

Also, in the context of #ReplaceTheGOP initiative, let it be heard from the mountain tops – McShame, McConartist and the GOP establishment, with exception to Paul Ryan, are ALL on the wrong side and teaming up with deplorable Chucky Schumer!

That said, here is the addendum to the Breitbart article:

  • The US Constitution grants us, the USA, authority to block immigration for any damn reason we want! Period. It’s the US Constitution not the global constitution!
  • No one, not a single soul has the right to immigrate to America!
  • No Muslim ban, only a restriction on “receiving” from nations known to harbor terrorist or support (7) and this number came from Obamas DHS staff and in total equals about 12% of the Muslim population
  • None of the top ten countries in the world for sheltering refugees are in the West. Not a single European country!
  • Trump’s signature included more than 900 accepted refugees! More than what Bush was willing to do during his WHOLE presidency!
  • ALERT! This “pause” is modeled nearly too the word off Obama’s Iraqi refugees and immigrants in 2011!


Besides, lefties, if America is so bad, and you tell us so in your policies, protests, and government indoctrination history books; why would you want to inflict such suffering on others? This is eerily similar to your abortion derangement and desire to inflict pain and suffering on the innocent.

You are double talking hypocrites and should be checked for a mental disorder.