We Are All Nationalists Now!


Trump: “Maybe he’s a total Nationalist, which I am in a [true sense]…”

Really… and when did Patriot get replaced by Nationalist? We #NeverTrumpers warned you and now the naked Nationalist it out! The Trumpanzees will never understand this, they are Trump’s version of the Obama bots. You people are simply lost. You are part of the Trump generation, the baby boomer generation, you are the problem, and there is no reaching you. Trump is highlighting your self-indulged, self-centered, destruction of the family, tolerance without counter protests of the 60’s generation whom got away with murder – literally (abortion on demand), and it was the draft dodging jerks like Trump that are now trying to bring to the surface a bastardized shift of authority from a supreme being to himself. The boomer gen thinks they are god’s in a sense because they have rejected the church and God himself in so many ways. You boomers cheered Reagan when he gave “a shining city on the hill” speech, and yet you are too ignorant or have willfully ignored its biblical reference. NO CLUE, not a clue where that derives from in the bible and now you want to repeat the failure of history and create your own Tower of Babel.

The double standard was eulogized by Trump’s generation. “Do as I say, not as I do”, the motto of the baby boomers. Trump is baking this arrogance into his own policies; tax cuts followed by a complete erasing of it with a trillion plus boondoggle. Showing a politically phony, like a good politician, affinity toward veterans yet dodged the draft not once, twice, but FOUR TIMES! The man claimed bone spurs in his foot yet had NO PROBLEM to then play sports the very year he dodged the draft. Had Trump kept his original party label, Democrat, ran for president, and won as a Democrat, the same Trumpanzees would be all over this issue like I am! The right has become their enemy doubling down on hypocrisy. How about “lock her up” then eulogized Hillary at a dinner! Eulogized her! Not a peep form the Trumpanzees.

Then there is his signature issue – immigration – and he conducted himself like the Troll he is. First, he dropped DACA which was a preview to what is coming – amnesty – Trump calls “a deal”. Now we know what a Trump deal is. This is despicable for ANY president to do but the bar was set far higher for Trump because he owns this issue! Trump’s ambiguity on this issue is pathetic. “One fact is, what Trump is proposing to do is to go beyond even what Obama did.  What’s worse, he’s not even willing to wait until the border is secured” – http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/03/trumps_immigration_stance_different_in_public_and_in_private.html

Trump is not a patriot, hard to believe I know, the man has a forked tongue, a politician thru and thru, and to the average listener he can’t be rooted out for who he is, but he just admitted it in the video – “a total Nationalist, which I am”. Why not a Patriot. Because a Nationalist thinks they are special, a Patriot thinks they are exceptional.


I normally would not cite Breitbart News since the site suffered a hostile takeover by the NEO GOP alt-right goons but in this case, they got Trump’s immigration “PAUSE” correct with some additions I will add thanks to the work of Steve Deace. There were other sites also reporting facts but none that I found used a simple format like a, b, c.

It is also important to understand that the only two groups with commonalities in a dog fight fashion are the hard core Trumpanzees and the hard core never Trumper’s. Yes, I was a never Trumper, in many ways I maintain that record, but I am more interested truth than political polarization based in irrational emotions which drives the extreme’s.

Also, in the context of #ReplaceTheGOP initiative, let it be heard from the mountain tops – McShame, McConartist and the GOP establishment, with exception to Paul Ryan, are ALL on the wrong side and teaming up with deplorable Chucky Schumer!

That said, here is the addendum to the Breitbart article:

  • The US Constitution grants us, the USA, authority to block immigration for any damn reason we want! Period. It’s the US Constitution not the global constitution!
  • No one, not a single soul has the right to immigrate to America!
  • No Muslim ban, only a restriction on “receiving” from nations known to harbor terrorist or support (7) and this number came from Obamas DHS staff and in total equals about 12% of the Muslim population
  • None of the top ten countries in the world for sheltering refugees are in the West. Not a single European country!
  • Trump’s signature included more than 900 accepted refugees! More than what Bush was willing to do during his WHOLE presidency!
  • ALERT! This “pause” is modeled nearly too the word off Obama’s Iraqi refugees and immigrants in 2011!


Besides, lefties, if America is so bad, and you tell us so in your policies, protests, and government indoctrination history books; why would you want to inflict such suffering on others? This is eerily similar to your abortion derangement and desire to inflict pain and suffering on the innocent.

You are double talking hypocrites and should be checked for a mental disorder.

There is Mimicking the Left and There is Miming the Left

Mimicking the left means you adopt their strategy with your own material. Miming means you are becoming the very unpleasantry you resent. If we Conservatives are going to mime rather than mimic, we lose! And this is exactly what Nationalism does per Friedrich Hayek.

At the end of the nineteenth century, many thinkers in the Whig tradition feared the twin intellectual evils of their time, nationalism and socialism…

The irony of the mime represented by a phony Conservative, we call a Nationalist Progressive, by the name of Jonathan Murray at American Thinker. He is asking for liberals to come troll his vexingly void of facts and twisted Alex Jones logic on how ‘Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall’. I am a subscriber to AT and recommend everyone to be, they have some very good writers, but I have witnessed over the last two years a shift in their Conservative standards. Even the total abandonment of principals by allowing fake news as Johnathan’s article. When Trump cinched the nomination up, there was a drastic shift in the level of and numbers of bias articles at AT. In a rapid two-week shift at AT, it now seems to be an epidemic spreading across the web with Breitbart being the standard bearer.

I want to highlight an example, NOT to be a jerk to Jonathan Murray, or get people to stop going there, but to example what we Conservatives are facing now and how we can counter it. To take a stand even if it is one of our own. As Conservatives, it is imperative we self-check or we become the mimicking political hacks of the left. The first step in detecting alt-right fake news is coming to grips that Trump is NOT a Conservative. His economic strategy is NOT of our founding vision and we must make it known to this man and his administration. Once one grasps this reality, your ‘fake news’ (despite the source) detector is calibrated and you can move onto the rest of my piece here.

In a pathetic manor to legitimize Trump and/or defend the man, Jonathan Murray wrote a piece; “How Trump plans to pay for the wall”. Please read his article before continuing.

— pause —

You should have detected two things:

  1. He did NOT address Trump’s proposed tax on Mexico at all. Alarm bell number one!
  2. His angle is just factually vacant; non-existent. Fake!

In reverse order…

Factual correction item #2:
Drugs are not coming across the border via foot or “mule” runs as a primary stream. They are primarily vehicle transports with a secondary transport by air. See: Bill Clintons brother for air drug trafficking; “Clinton’s best friend, Dan Lasater, led the operations. Lasater and Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger Clinton, later spent time in jail due to drug related crimes”. Or you can just do some simple web search homework as I did which took me 30 seconds to gain some facts.

Common Overland Smuggling Methods — “Mexican DTOs dominate the transportation of illicit drugs across the Southwest Border. They typically use commercial trucks and private and rental vehicles to smuggle cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin through the 25 land POEs as well as through vast areas of desert and mountainous terrain between POEs.”

POE is: Point Of Entry
DTO is: Drug Traffic Organizations
Source: https://www.justice.gov/archive/ndic/pubs38/38661/movement.htm

So, at this point, this AT article is exposed as a HACK Trumpanzee chest beater article. Trump is doing some good things, there is no need to make up stories like this but I know why – Trump must be legitimized and the desire to ‘stick it to the left’ is still at a fever pitch. What is being overlooked is, he is doing it with exec orders! So back off. Trump is setting a new DC workday standard unlike we have ever seen from the right. Doing cover for Trump like the left did for Obama means all you are becoming a mime and you are creating unnecessary fake news. Just stop!

Reality correction item #1:
Nowhere was it pointed out, an obvious cover-up by Jon, that on day four, Trump proposed American’s to pay for the wall in a TAX! Whether that happens or not, it is a tax on Mexican goods coming into our country and that is NOT sound economic policy. Especially at a time with a real GDP of 1.9% – an anemia not seen since 1956. This would equal a price increase on the goods we buy made in Mexico. And because of the angry approach Trump took early on to satisfy his base, his ego, with Mexico’s current level of irritation of Trump (not that I care about that), what I do care about is the fact this will lead to a trade war with Mexico. So, we the people will pay twice over for an ‘emotionally’ charged issue of the wall.

Just as Obama was an open Marxists anti-American, Trump and Bannon and his team are out of the closet like a gay pride parade with their Nationalist Progressive protectionism. I remember when Pat Buchanan was a laughing joke, now his ideas are cool? NO, they are less cool than ever in a free-trade world. IT’S A TAX! Not a tariff, A TAX! Their words, not mine. Trump’s admin on day four are right out there saying it like Obama said; “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America” and boy did he cause even the alt right is now acting as if ‘we are all Nationalist Progressives now’.

Jonathan Murray at AT did not mention ONCE, Trump proposed a 20% TAX – again his words – A TAX! This despite the fact most American’s are saying, happily, we will pay for the wall – GLADLY – just secure the damn border already… period!

So why the show? I can only conclude it’s the dark side of Trump. What we #NeverTrumpers worried and warned about. He’s a Nationalist Populist and not the Constitutionalist we wanted. So, water under the bridge, now it is up to us once again so tell it be known. Trump likes Twitter? Then let’s blow up his feed with what we want!

Tweet him now! Tweet: @realDonaldTrump – Build The WALL Now – “We The People” will pay for it. JUST BUILD IT!

Add the possibility of a trade war coming to the fact he didn’t address DACA – AT ALL – a complete pass on one of his near two yearlong signature issues. Can we officially say Trump has failed on one of two signature immigration issues already? There is still time to correct him – like when we had time to replace Trump for a real Conservative in the primaries but most sat on their butts – we can hit the man on Twitter and let him know the following:

  • END DACA! Trump can executive order the end of Obama’s ILLEGAL exec order. period! We would accept the current illegals granted a temp period before they are deported (Trumps words!) and END THE PROGRAM NOW!

But what we don’t want is an ego maniac creating a damn trade war in a time of 1.9 GDP. Are these people economic illiterates!?

We had a bill in congress passed more than a decade ago, where is that money!?

Trump want’s 1.4 TRILLION for “infrastructure” boondoggles. This is on top of what Bush stole and Obama stole! HEY McFLY! Is the wall NOT “infrastructure”!? Seriously! That is A LOT OF DAMN MONEY! WAY more than our ‘infrastructure’ needs. More than we should ever be considering.