We Are All Nationalists Now!


Trump: “Maybe he’s a total Nationalist, which I am in a [true sense]…”

Really… and when did Patriot get replaced by Nationalist? We #NeverTrumpers warned you and now the naked Nationalist it out! The Trumpanzees will never understand this, they are Trump’s version of the Obama bots. You people are simply lost. You are part of the Trump generation, the baby boomer generation, you are the problem, and there is no reaching you. Trump is highlighting your self-indulged, self-centered, destruction of the family, tolerance without counter protests of the 60’s generation whom got away with murder – literally (abortion on demand), and it was the draft dodging jerks like Trump that are now trying to bring to the surface a bastardized shift of authority from a supreme being to himself. The boomer gen thinks they are god’s in a sense because they have rejected the church and God himself in so many ways. You boomers cheered Reagan when he gave “a shining city on the hill” speech, and yet you are too ignorant or have willfully ignored its biblical reference. NO CLUE, not a clue where that derives from in the bible and now you want to repeat the failure of history and create your own Tower of Babel.

The double standard was eulogized by Trump’s generation. “Do as I say, not as I do”, the motto of the baby boomers. Trump is baking this arrogance into his own policies; tax cuts followed by a complete erasing of it with a trillion plus boondoggle. Showing a politically phony, like a good politician, affinity toward veterans yet dodged the draft not once, twice, but FOUR TIMES! The man claimed bone spurs in his foot yet had NO PROBLEM to then play sports the very year he dodged the draft. Had Trump kept his original party label, Democrat, ran for president, and won as a Democrat, the same Trumpanzees would be all over this issue like I am! The right has become their enemy doubling down on hypocrisy. How about “lock her up” then eulogized Hillary at a dinner! Eulogized her! Not a peep form the Trumpanzees.

Then there is his signature issue – immigration – and he conducted himself like the Troll he is. First, he dropped DACA which was a preview to what is coming – amnesty – Trump calls “a deal”. Now we know what a Trump deal is. This is despicable for ANY president to do but the bar was set far higher for Trump because he owns this issue! Trump’s ambiguity on this issue is pathetic. “One fact is, what Trump is proposing to do is to go beyond even what Obama did.  What’s worse, he’s not even willing to wait until the border is secured” – http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/03/trumps_immigration_stance_different_in_public_and_in_private.html

Trump is not a patriot, hard to believe I know, the man has a forked tongue, a politician thru and thru, and to the average listener he can’t be rooted out for who he is, but he just admitted it in the video – “a total Nationalist, which I am”. Why not a Patriot. Because a Nationalist thinks they are special, a Patriot thinks they are exceptional.