Trump’s Holy Grail – SCOTUS

UPDATE! 2/1/2017

Trump has made his selection and let me just start with – it wasn’t Mike Lee – and that is saying A LOT! This means we got someone with many question marks as well as ‘signs’ of some Conservatism but that verdict is still out because there aren’t enough cases to make this determination. The signature issue is Roe v Wade. Will he overturn it? We don’t know but we are going to find out fast.

No, the argument of; well, look what we would have got with HER…” That is a non-sequitur. Conservatism is NOT a binary lowest common denominator. Conservatism is; we get the best, no if ands or buts!

Neil Gorsuch is an open-ended pick that shows light toward our views but by far doesn’t blind us by that light. It was neither bold nor horrible. We won’t really know until he rules on a Constitutional Conservative and that is overturning Roe v Wade. The man’s writings and opinions do NOT show a ‘no questions ask’ pro-life stance. He has a left-wing education pedigree, he’s young and one can only conclude he holds far too many modern views.

As Schlafly, a man whom attended higher education with Gorsuch, said; “this was a lobbyist pick. Trumps election was a huge lobbyist election by Mr. Outsider. One of the most disturbing facts of Gorsuch is his support for transgender rights and has written as such.”


For a more positive in-depth issue-by-issue analysis, head over to The Federalist and read a piece by Andrew Walker. Note that his ONLY pro-life qual’s cited derive from an adjunct case dealing with a “Planned Parenthood case involving undercover videos” which isn’t a direct insight to the man’s opinion on this issue.

So where is Trump on this? Well, if you are at all paying attention, he is bantering names to us Conservatives, openly, via press releases, and leaks. He has been since the primaries. In fact, his pro-life justice ‘promise’ dates all the way back to 2015. It was item two of two, immigration being #1, for his approval. To Trumps credit, so far, he has been listening. Several names have been thrown out to us, we have reacted, and you have noticed those names fall off the radar. Most noticeable are; Dianna Sykes, Bill Pryor, and today it is Neil Gorsuch.

The latest name being bandied, Neil Gorsuch, is NOT a pro-life Conservative! At all costs, this man must be removed from the list!

We Conservatives believe power resides in Congress to make law. The Supreme Court is NOT a law-making branch nor are they the final say. Congress could simply restore the balance of power using the Constitution if we had a GOP willing to do so and a party that knew their Constitution especially now having the votes. Stating the obvious; they don’t and will not.

Passing a law based on Article III, Section 2 of the US Constitution limiting the jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court — requires a simple majority of both Houses of Congress and the president’s signature. If a president vetoes the bill, the veto can be overridden by two thirds of each House.

If Trump were as serious as he has said, he would be pushing congress NOW to get this to his desk. Stating more of the obvious, Trump doesn’t know his own Constitution.

The overriding problem is, today’s GOP likes abdicating their agenda, and responsibility to the SC. So if the left is willing to force their fascist authoritarian progressivism on us via the abuse of the SC, we should play in their clown house of politics and beat them at their own game. We do this by appointing a hard-core Roe v. Wade overturning pro-life Conservative! We do this by appointing a sold, unabashed, pro-life Constitutional Conservative (clearing throat… Mike Lee!). just as President Elect, now President Trump, promised for more than a year and a half, it is time to follow through Trump.

As a reminder, this is one of two signature Trump issues. Trumps whole purpose for becoming president, stopping Hitlery, was all based on immigration, and overturning Roe v. Wade. As I stated, Trump could do this via Article III, Section 2; it is clearly less difficult now. He can also do this with a “solid” no question Constitutional Conservative appointment. Trump has ZERO excuses! He has two routes! It is time to move our dial on our home page from 5% to 25%

Times have changed, the environment has changed, and we need to change our tactics toward a leftist model thus fighting fire with fire. Let Trump know; nothing less than your promise to “end Roe v. Wade: and “appoint a pro-life Conservative” is acceptable. Do it via his Twitter feed:

For an excellent, full interview, and thorough critique of this current SCOTUS possibility, please tune into Steve Deace – Hour 1: Why Trump must replace a Scalia for a Scalia.

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