What did Trump and Obama know and when did they know it!

This stupid binary world of politics the dualopoly has created, and many uninformed Americans have fallen for, is not getting us to the truth which is the point.

Trump has, at a minimum, a stranger affinity toward Russia and Vladimir Putin. That is a fact. If you can’t deal with that reality, delete this and unsubscribe! I don’t live in your world of binary thinking. Trump needs to clear this up so he can get on with being president. You have the power Mr. President, open the books! Let congress do their job, provide them with all your data, and end this charade. Unless that is the trolling you wish for in your reality TV show mind then I say; “live by the sward, die by the sward”. For you, with a thousand cuts.

Obama absolutely had knowledge of the FISA court requests. He was the president, could have requested them personally himself, but at a minimum he knew. These types of ops do NOT go untold to the president. We know the first request was in the Summer of 2016, this one was denied which asked for a direct surveillance on Trump. Four month later, another request opened Trump’s whole staff up to the order, and omitted Trump directly. Apparently, you found NOTHING, thus vindicating Trump? We don’t know, this is what we the people want to know. And if it vindicates Trump, why isn’t Trump jumping on this?

Trumps inactions and leftover Obama’ites damage control begs the question; what did Trump know, what did Obama know, and when did they know it! One fact we have is, we aren’t getting the truth. A congressional investigation is needed so where are the Republicans? Feckless. Why isn’t Trump ending this all with a declassifying of the FISA requests, a press conference, and Trump holding the FISA request up to the cameras in Trump like ultimate troll fashion? There are some blatantly obvious and simple questions going unanswered and it is time to end it so we can hold those accountable Mr. Law and Order President! Stop your Twitter games and do your job!

We also do not want a special prosecutor! That only allows congress to eliminate themselves of their responsibility. We want the GOP to own this so their elected butts are on the line! Start the congressional investigations, make them public, do your damn jobs, and give us the truth!