Trumps Election & Transition; Not What You Think!

Let me begin this by saying, all you Trumpanzees, just STOP! If you are going to exhibit Obama Bot like hypocrisy in the form of retribution, in my opinion, anti-Americanism, a tactic you are using toward Conservatives like myself whom are more on your side than you want to acknowledge, then you will have a very long, and tiring 4-year defense posture. I predict you will lose as well. We #NeverTrumpers may not have voted for Trump but we are NOT your leftist enemy so get a damn grip! If you are going to allow your Nationalism / Populism trump (pun intended) Americanism, you will have the most miserable first 4 years of Trump than you ever had in 8 years of Obama, and you will be the cause of the complete destruction of the Republican party. This split will complete many desires, Myself included, to #ReplaceTheGOP. A party I believe despite Trump is unrecoverable for their betrayal of us and their country. The level of inaction, aiding and abatement toward the left over the last 8 years added to their gradual erosion over 50+ years is by far the most epic act of betrayal in our country’s history of political parties. One which George Washington himself eerily predicted.

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
― George Washington

We on the right, in all our shades, are Americans, got it!? We live under a Constitution built from the most profound and unique declaration ever conceived by man. A document separating man from himself and connecting him to his creator God. This separation means we are not a banana Republic in some third world south American world where a false deity is crowned supreme. So, stop with all your snowflake bully style rhetoric in a lame attempt to canonize your angry retribution of Obama. This begins with ending the Gulag style comments like; “give him a chance”, “get in line”, “get over it, your guy lost and we won”, and my favorite self-defeating slogan; “get on the Trump train”. You get on your train to Trump Auschwitz and go to your camp alone, I am staying an American!

What you people are exhibiting in your defense of Trump against legitimate criticism, here in Trumps transition process, is the very weakness we #NeverTrumpers knew Trump had in both his character and Constitutional comprehension. This is exactly why we rejected him, especially in these times. It is incumbent on your part to acknowledge this fact. Through your rhetoric, you are highlighting yourselves as desperate subjects without sound faith, or any faith at all, by seeking yet your own man-made despot similar in many ways to the one we just had and a woman of similar traits we rejected.

Your very anger prescribes an unconstitutional recipe for Trump to be the right’s version of Obama. Your blind argument for Trump while ignoring the real issue, the GOP, is the very argument the right fails at by saying they want the supreme court to have less power while granting them that very power to overturn leftist ruling’s. There is another way, a set process, and it is called Congress! But they have failed us and continue to do so by getting in the “Trump train”. Don’t double down and think Trump can control these sellouts too. With the GOP’s impotence and Trump’s exhibition of Thugocracy towards Boeing and Carrier right out the president elect gates, the very abuse of our executive branch YOU were driven into the streets for by Obama, is back by ‘populisms’ demand. If allowed to overshadow our citizen duty in stopping this man before he becomes our Achilles’ heel, the things Trump will do good at will be overshadowed by things he will do extremely horrible at. Our job is to PREVENT him from doing the bad things and support him on his good things.

OK, enough about you people, this is more about how We The People are going to fight Trump where it counts. HINT: we will flat out ignore the left and their mental derangement disorder, all in unison, because THAT is where we all agree. Do this and we make America Great thru Trump.

Fact is, like Obama, Trump is moving just as fast as he did. We have all read the stories by now, the presidency preview results are in! They require our active citizen duty to be scrutinized! So far we are seeing some troubling characteristic’s that will play into the mental disorder of the left and we must have the courage to be honest with our choice.

Reality check!

  • Trump is T. Roosevelt 2.0 with some Wilson tinges
  • Conservative? No. I haven’t seen a sign yet. While Trump has made less good appointments than horrible, there are a handful of key people in good positions like James Mattis for Secretary of Defense and some other ‘strong’ security people as well as Scott Pruitt for EPA. An area we must hold off at all costs or the left will destroy us with their false god mother Gaia.
  • Trump voters, Trump did NOT beat Hillary, enough with this elation of false narratives. It was NO WHERE NEAR a landslide. What happen was she lost! End of subject. But however, it happened, we stopped her and yes that is good.

A quick focus on an issue which trumps Trump’s supreme court obligation to the GOP’s Conservative base. For those Conservatives that helped Trump win, you showed up and it was your 20% that got this man elected. In the world of politics, he owes you! That payout better be the EPA appointment ending the EPA as we know it! He must demand this end of an unelected and unconstitutional regulatory agency before it destroys us as an energy super power.

Obviously, the supreme court is the other payout. If Trump drops the ball on either of these two items or both, he will be a failed president. It will seal the #NeverTrumpers prediction of; “the wrong president at the worst time in our history.”

These two issues are BIG! Cannot be emphasized more. If (big if) this appointment and a Scalia replacement happens, many signs pointing to the possibility, we will have severely destroyed much of the core of the left and Trump will be a success to the chagrin of my better judgement. I have been wrong plenty of times, please let me be wrong here. This is the primary support we all should give Trump but by no means should Trump be granted the level of cart Blanche mindless support he is being given considering “draining the swamp” and hiring the Goldman Sachs swamp monsters! This is epic level Trumpocracy!

More of ‘not what you think’ are the election results. The Trumpanzees seem to think, and so does Trump, there was a ‘landslide’. Sorry, WRONG! I need not cite anything more than Reagans election to define a “landslide”. End of subject. Go do your research and gain a perspective or two.

Despite the Trumpanzees accusing us #NeverTrumpers for wanting Hillary to win by not voting for Trump, we desired for Hillary to lose as well. Yes, it is true. I know it’s confusing to the angry binary mind but allow me to double down on your confusion by saying we were helping you! Yep, also true. You, again, were just too scared, paranoid, reacting on self-induced stupidity and your depth of anger made you deaf to many facts such as the GOP being your real enemy – not Hillary – but I digress. Pay attention now; “if you were living in a blue state, voting 3rd party hurt Hillary!” Yes, Hillary was being hurt by the 3rd party voting and it is now in – Jill Stein was Hillary’s Ross Perot!

Another reality check on GOP electoral gains. It is clear the election results since 2010 thru 2016 were less about a vote “for” the Republican party than a vote of desperation out of absence of a “real Conservative third party”. In states Trump won and a Conservative also won, the Conservative garnered more votes than Trump. Trumps lack of Constitutionality shows just how many Conservatives were seeking the right kind of candidate for the right time – this election – and that Trump was NOT that representative despite him winning the consolation runner up prize. As I have said post-election – Trump didn’t win, she lost! Reagan won and if Trump were a real ‘Reagan”, he would have actually had a massive landslide.

A breakout by region shows the vote increase in the Western states in 2016 is over 123% of the vote received in 2012. The Southern states showed the next highest percentage vote increase with nearly a 56% increase. Overall, the total vote increase is 59.31%. Even in the write -in states (which were not complete before this post), the vote tally over 2012 is 74.20%.

Reagan won and if Trump were a real Reagan, he would have had a massive landslide, “deal with it”.

One shocking takeaway is, and you know your party is done when; Jeb Bush is on board with a Convention of states; results of Trump’s election!

I know the Trumpanzees are elated. We #NeverTrumpers share some of that with your but we remain unbound. Your elation is so much so you are still suspending all common decency and common sense that you cannot grasp; we are on your side! We just don’t agree with blind faith in a very very flawed MAN nor will we blindly just support all his actions. It begs to point out and drive this example home. When Trump states on Fox News Sunday, 12/11/2016, “I am for free trade, but it must be fair trade”, in response to his Carrier tirade on Twitter and subsequent tariff threats, you had better recognize that is NOT Americanism. That is the mindset of an iron-fisted regulatory Nationalist Progressive! That is a statement from a dictator’s mind! Period. This is what we must agree on and fight him every step of the way. This is Woodrow Wilson and Theodor Roosevelt 2.0.

If you can’t understand that, this will be the longest 4 years of your active citizenry, because you are declaring political war on Constitutional Conservatism with Trump and we are armed and ready.

12 thoughts on “Trumps Election & Transition; Not What You Think!

  • A well written article. A few thoughts:

    1. “key people in good positions like James Mattis for Secretary of Defense”

    Mattis I believe will be an excellent SecDef. Leftists who’ve never served are freaked out by his past comments but I recognize them as belonging to a culture of Officers who have all read Sun Tzu. Take NOTHING he says at face value, every word has a purpose and if you don’t speak his language start reading the Art of War.

    2. “That payout better be the EPA appointment ending the EPA as we know it! He must demand this end of an unelected and unconstitutional regulatory agency before it destroys us as an energy super power.”

    I think conservatives tilt their swords at windmills re. the EPA. In the last 20 years we’ve become the world’s largest energy producer, reducing the costs of everything; oil, natural gas, wind, solar, storage, etc. Tell me again how the EPA is hindering?

    3. “cart Blanche mindless support he is being given considering “draining the swamp” and hiring the Goldman Sachs swamp monsters! This is epic level Trumpocracy!”

    Obama staffed his cabinet in much the same way and I think it caused the 2010 “shellacking”

    4. “election results since 2010 thru 2016 were less about a vote “for” the Republican party”

    2010 & 2014 proved that conservatives show up and vote every two years for whatever conservative is on the ballot, liberals need their hand held to cross the street and save a child from a burning building.

    my .02

    • We can take this one at at time.

      #2: You need to qualify your statement – cite your sources.

      Most know the EPA institutes regulations by fiat, without congressional approval, and by direction of a president. Obama; “we are going to bankrupt the coal industry…”

      That’s just one simple cite right from the horses ass – I MEAN – mouth. All in the name of leftist crony capitalism they call global warning. When that name failed after nearly 40 years of failed theories and payoffs to their “green energy” buddies they change the name to fit ANY scenario – climate change.

      The left are de-growthers, in fact, they say it themselves. They have a whole site dedicated to it:

      Now I have cited two profound sources,.one right from the jackasses mouth, to show that VIA the strong arm of the feds, the left are retrogrades and they use the bureaucracy (i.e. EPA et al) to implement their anti -American agenda’s.

      Now qualify your bold statement in #2.

  • “Tilting at Windmills” is a reference to Don Quixote. It loosely translates to “wasting your energy” You should read the classics, lot’s of insight in those old books written by white europeans.

    I really wish we didn’t need an EPA, and I really wish a large bureaucratic organization existed that was perfect. But neither of those will ever happen. And because our economic system punishes those whom clean up behind themselves we’ll need something in place until humans achieve perfection.

    My point is all the sturm and drang about how evil it is to make people clean up their shit and yet all forms of energy are getting cheaper and cheaper. It’s almost like we can clean up our shit and still have cheap energy!

    Oh and solar is now cheaper than oil:

    • I assumed it meant as much. Not really into early Euro fiction, especially novels of fantasy, I am more into Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau. In raw science I am more into Thomas More, Francis Bacon, François-Marie Arouet, latter Poe, Twain, Wells, Edison and most recently Arthur C. Clarke – The Star.

      I will grant you this, we really DON’T need the “federal” EPA. It is redundant. Every state already has an EPA or EPA like regulatory entity. In CA it is called the CALEPA. While me need regulation, we need LIMITED regulations. Regulators accountable to the very people they are to regulate.

      We do need them and no they will never be perfect. Nor will religion, nor will ANYTHING – they are all ran by man – an imperfect being. But we can get close to perfection if we stop granting near unlimited power to Marxists/Socialist/Communists – a man mindset that rejects God thus they have no self-regulated accountability to do right, Rather, these specific men have a mindset that thinks they know better and are gods. They hold themselves above other men and reject the innate good heartedness of men in general to rule themselves for the most part.

      So why do people continue to reward, specifically the most concentrated and corrupt entity of dictatorial mindsets named the Democrat party, with power? A party that has a proven history of acts against humanity. A party with a God like mindset claiming to be the fix to mans failures thru government because in government they can force their outcomes. A party that has created ever larger government, you say you hate, yet you prop up in your own last paragraph. A party which holds a record of proven false and failed policies all the way to their failed energy policy highlighted in neon over the last eight years.

      BTW- all of which was totally rejected in three landslide election since 2008 and two months ago by a despicable presidential candidate. That’s pretty bad.

      One thing I know about the left, they claim to be for “progress”, and are the most self-defeating retrogrades of mental disorder on display than anything I have ever seen. And it’s not just me. Even the average citizen was willing to give a party of betrayal one more chance to fix the obvious.

        • As per your statement in #2: You quote me in which I was stating the EPA is an out of control unelected (illegally) instituted agency the left uses to impose their “views” and enforce their philosophies. THAT was my point which you either ignored or didn’t like.

          So you state: “I think conservatives tilt their swords at windmills re. the EPA. In the last 20 years we’ve become the world’s largest energy producer, reducing the costs of everything; oil, natural gas, wind, solar, storage, etc. Tell me again how the EPA is hindering?”

          An attack at people you obviously hate (conservatives), without substance (inability to defend your side wherever that is) or any correlation to my original text thus making you having an “inability to stay on topic”. So in predictable perfect progressive fashion you deflect and attempt to create a new narrative. So to dismantle your attempted narrative, production in the aggregate of all energy sources has ZERO to do with my original point. Got that? What I did was avoided chasing nuts down a squirrel hole with you.


          So furthering MY point, here is more evidence you can chew on buttressing the fact of Obama’s use of the EPA like a good fascist…

          “Intended to take effect on January 19, 2017, the rule will make it more difficult for companies to get mining permits. Permits that were previously granted by states would now be subject to meeting a federal standard to protect waterways. According to an article in The Washington Times, the new rule would cost an industry that is already treading water financially an additional $81 million a year to comply.”

          Original source:

          Data chart:


          So when I take part of this convo into the actual philosophy of progressivism, take it right to the very issue this is all about, the left imposing reg’s to hurt one industry and dole out tax money bennies to their vested interested industry (progressive crony cap. – alt-power), I identify the whole issue. You don’t want to hear it because you believe the lefts theory of GW so you attempt to support their policies to such ends and change my subject to an “off topic” then blame me in abstraction.

          My statement is perfectly understandable and accurate. My facts on Obama’s EPA regulatory devastating effects on coal is spot on. Then my tie to why he does this, all revolving around the greatest lie – global warming – creates a schizophrenia of progressive irrationality which you have displayed. The inability to be honest, to acknowledge when your godless hero(s) are wrong all lead to the convo breakdown.

          This schizophrenia by leftist Progressives derives from godless narcissism. They cannot be wrong because they are self-exalted to intellectual superiority. They are smarter than everyone so anything apposing that must be destroyed. Some, like yourself, claim to not want big government yet empower that very big government by defending their actions of creating more government because it fits your philosophy. So, you can’t destroy my content you turn to my character.

          Nice try.

        • Anyhow… let me ’tilt your pagan windmill’ and button up this convo. 🙂

          #3 “Obama staffed his cabinet in much the same way and I think it caused the 2010 “shellacking””

          You are correct! Let me also add, without ANY resistance, unlike the Trump admin which is now getting plenty-o-La Résistance.

          #4 “2010 & 2014 proved that conservatives show up and vote every two years for whatever conservative is on the ballot, liberals need their hand held to cross the street and save a child from a burning building.”

          In general, you are correct again. But I have several issues with simplifying this in the way you have. It wasn’t ‘all’ Conservative’s. The “alt-right” are not Conservative’s. They are Nationalists with progressive tendencies. It is true, Conservative’s showed up and without them, Trump would have lost. But their reason for showing up was not to “just show up”, they like many were SICK of the corrupt left. They showed up to send a message that we are sick of the DC corruption. A perfect scenario would have been a Conservative like Ted Cruz to win. As I have said in writing, anger ruled and nothing good comes from anger – Voilà Trump. But the greater point with not support for Trump but the denial of power for the absolute corrupt and that is the left.

          Additionally, this wasn’t just some fluke turnout. People have been turning out since 1994 – the 1st Republican landslide. Again, not support for Republicans, we only have a two party system, it was a default go-to party in protest of the absolutely despicable left and all their failed policies. for a century. The country hasn’t been this red from city halls to governors to DC since the early 1900’s. Not a fluke at all. It is an absolute rejection of an idea – the lefts ideas.

          I will make a bold prediction too. California is next to see a red revolution.

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