Weekend #1 of Trump’s Administration – The Rise of the Pee Party!

100% George Soros funded, leftist whining, anarchist crybabies launch the new protest movement based on the Tea Party model – we will call it the Pee Party!

These are professional protesters and the Tea Party better get ready.

It is never going to end. The left is the left. They have an agenda like a religious priest, they are imbedded into their theology of anti-human progressivism, and like a Theocratic government using a military to enforce God’s laws these people use violence and law breaking to force their ideology onto everyone. Do I need to repeat myself and others? These people are the racists, fascists, anarchists, and statists. This fact is being exposed right out of the gate.

What makes it all really bad is… Trump’s daughter is one of these Pee Party activists and in solidarity with them. Trump was a bundler to the Clintons, friends with George Soros, so what we have is a credibility issue and the lack thereof.

We #NeverTrumpers can already say – “we told you so!”

So what do we do. We support and defend Trump when he is on the side of our Constitution and we oppose him when he begins to buckle under the pressure that has already begun. We become the example. The left is angry. People like Glenn Beck may grant them some leverage to “hear them out” and I agree, but I don’t agree to the extent and level he does. The root left cares NOT about getting along AT ALL. We better figure that out or it’s over! The groups opposed to us, the progressive left, at all costs is far larger than Beck knows or wants to believe. You don’t create a century old movement set out to ‘fundamentally transform America’ and have ANY sense of [getting along]. You fundamentally do not understand your opponent if that’s the case. If there are those that do, work with them, that is the Christian approach, bring them into the fold of American civil disagreement but once that goes into civil disobedience, all bets are off, and so is communication!

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