In 24 hours, on Friday, May 6th, the day the Democrats helped Trump win Indiana, we received more than 1,000 sign-up's! Today we are at 7,000 sign-up’s and counting without advertising. In other words, there is a disenfranchisement and it’s the GOP! If we want to save this country from all the failed ‘ism’s, including this new alt-right Nationalism, a return to Constitutionalism will require us to address our largest obstacle – the GOP.

The GOP is on life-support. Can it be revived? Sure, if they find their way back to their Constitutional roots.

ReplaceTheGOP.com has not and will not let this election or any election cloud reality; replacing the GOP with Constitutional Conservatives is the goal. Or we will work to move the Conservative base to the Constitution Party.

One of the biggest initiatives that can move this ball is an Article V – Convention of States. Within that scope are term limits, a major path to constitutional restoration, a revolving door to replace political barnacles whom created our problem.

The GOP has basses loaded, three balls, and two strikes. Mess this up GOP and you’re OUT! You were granted one last chance to redeem yourself. 

  • 2010 & 12

    STRIKE 1

  • 2014

    STRIKE 2

  • 2016 & 2017

    Hey batter batter...

    While Trump’s exec orders are temporary, we will count them! His commitment to a pro-life SCOTUS, we got that yesterday but “pro-life” – the verdict is still out! No movement for this yet because it is the next appointment which will decide Trump’s real intent.

    The wall exec orders, support from Paul Ryan, good! No dial move till they prove their intent.

    Trump’s DACA betrayal and the GOP’s support, dropped the dial to 15%.

    We are giving 5% back for this! ”Senate panel bypasses Democratic boycott, approves HHS, Treasury picks”. Placing the GOP at 10% return to their Republicanism party history. If McConartist suspends the rules and pushes Trump’s SCOTUS pick we will put the GOP back to 5%.

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Replace The GOP is building a movement to fix our most glaring problem – a party of betrayers! Most news sites talk about politics, the problems, yet never offer a real strategy or solution to fix those problems. We talk about how to fix our biggest problem – representation - and are officering a solution.